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    Caruso ISO Bond vs Rockwool

    That's the problem though. The panels have different absorption rates for different frequencies. You want them to be relative to one another with as little variance as possible. If you decay times were 250ms @ 1000hz, you'd want that at 60hz and 10000hz. Without limiters or targeted treatments...
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    Center channel and bass

    I feel like having another source would cause more problems with interference and further excite modal problems.
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    New system Vocal Distortion

    Sounds like a resonance of some sort that's down into the vocal region that is easily excited. Unfortunately, it's going to be difficult to nail down because it may not always happen. You may be able to change your listening position to see if you can avoid the room interaction that is causing...
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    Help! 4 subs, REW, minidsp, ARC ; odd results

    I would think EQing to 76dB would be too quiet for most people. I usually EQ to 86dB, even if the mains are playing as low at 65dB I still find the bass pleasing. Sometimes, we get hung up on this idea of a ruler flat frequency response, and that's just not how things really work. Adding too...
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    Moving mic vs. averaged vs. single point measurements - which is better?

    Honestly, I think it really depends on how much you move and how varied your position can be. When I'm really listening to music I'm leaning back in my chair, I don't move all that much, so I single measurement is more than enough. If I was really interested I'd take 2 other measurements the...
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    Caruso ISO Bond vs Rockwool

    If you just build fat traps you are going to be severely disappointed unless you cover the entire room with them (waste of time and money). The low end, problematic frequencies are all pressure based. The type of absorbers your talking about are velocity. Where there is high pressure there is...
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    Giant SPL Dip from 70-105hz... Most effective way to correct?

    Your mid range seems to be fairly bright relative to the rest of the curve. Can you post the REW .mdat file in .zip format, so we can look at the other graphs.
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    Giant SPL Dip from 70-105hz... Most effective way to correct?

    Do you mind posting the response? REW can take a Screenshot of it. Will give us some visual aid. Moving the speakers closer to the FW will increase the frequency at which the SBIR becomes problematic. It's the preferred method because an issue at 150 or 200hz or what have you is much easier to...
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    REW Measurement newbie help - what adjustments would you make?

    1) I wouldn't worry about that far down into the spectrum unless there is a very specific use case where it's annoying. Most modern music doesn't go that low. In movies it would just add a bit more umpf to an explosion. 2 & 3) If you factor out the rise in question 1, the response is relatively...
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    Subwoofer size in small room

    Honestly, you could go with 2x8" or 2x6". The response of the sub isn't indicative of its driver size. You will, maybe, get less distortion depending on the volume you are going to be driving them at. I use 1x12" and 1x6" for my space which is only 11.5x9.5. They work well.
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    A cloud is the single most important acoustic treatment. Change my mind.

    In the grand scheme of things, a 2" panel probably wouldn't do all that much for the frequencies that are really problematic. I had mine installed across the ceiling/wall interconnect. They were 5.5" thick panels. They did an amazing job at culling the floor/ceiling mode, but did nothing else...
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    Second opinion on my measurements

    If you are handy, building some rockwool/mineral wool panels will be a good solution to reducing the overall liveliness of the room. You can experiment with positioning and even alternate heights on them to give it a more pleasing appearance and it helps to spread the absorption out a bit. For...
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    A cloud is the single most important acoustic treatment. Change my mind.

    I disagree, but with the caveat that it's effectiveness will greatly depend on the room, the speakers and your listening position. Like all treatment options, throwing them around willy nilly will generally lead to more problems than it solves. In my particular room, ceiling panels helped to...
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    Measure your C50 in REW and tell us how your bass sounds!

    A bump as in a boost in the FR? We perceive low frequencies different than the mids. So, a bump may just be making it sound as loud as the rest of the mids. My bass is typically about 6dB higher @ 83dB. It is closer to 10dB higher when the volume is turned down. So at 70dB from 120hz and below...
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    Second opinion on my measurements

    Changing the delay on the speakers could cause more harm then good, especially if the problem is limited to only a select frequency range. You could use filters to change phase...but it will take awhile to design them properly. Honestly, I think you're getting caught up in the micro details and...
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    Measure your C50 in REW and tell us how your bass sounds!

    I would agree as well. It's more an room acoustics issue. My XO is 120hz and I do so to combat room modes. With 2 subs and the mains all working properly it completely smooths out the low end for me.
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    Room Acoustics: The Dreaded Chair.

    Hi guys, For some background on this post. When I first started doing room measurements, I always placed my UMIK-1 on top of the back of my desk chair, because with the stand, it was exactly at the height of my ears and the tip was right at my ear from the back of the chair. It was...
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    New member

    Honestly, if you have a passion for sound, you're an audiophile. Doesn't matter what your equipment is. I recommend to do things in phases and always make sure you enjoy and appreciate the sound you have. Sure it can always be better in some capacity, but it's that passion that makes us who we...
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    Ear patients and Audio

    Yeah sort of. My voice does it too. Creates this weird vibration-y pressure. Used to be very distracting but now I just don't talk very loud and it doesn't bother me. Sometimes if I turn my head I can hear like a popping noise. Been to an ENT and had a VRM (I believe is the test name) and MRI...
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