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  1. AnalogSteph

    G One w/ DX3pro+

    Or at least EQing the living daylight out of the low end if your level needs are relatively modest. Had to do the same on my EVE SC203s which are a very similar size and response down there. Bass sounded very "small speaker-like" otherwise with its steep dropoff below the mid-70s and the midbass...
  2. AnalogSteph

    Solid upgrade from Motu M2?

    Which Behringer specifically? U-Phoria is just a generic brand name for their USB audio interfaces. UMC22 (PCM2902)? UMC202HD (CS4272), UMC204HD (CS4272 + CS4271), UMC404HD (CS4272 x2)? I would rather suspect the Behringers' preamps in this case, which have a reputation for high levels of...
  3. AnalogSteph

    Topping DX1 Gain: L or H for Sennheiser HD 560S?

    My guess is they're just wired in parallel and both are present for convenience. Much like the 4.4 mm balanced outputs on some of their higher-end models (e.g. L50).
  4. AnalogSteph

    Solid upgrade from Motu M2?

    Here are some potential candidates, ordered by descending price (going by Thomann, specifics may vary depending on where you are) and assuming your M2 is an "old" one, with ADCs used: Focusrite Clarett+ 2Pre - CS5381 Audient iD24 - ES9822PRO MOTU M4 (current production) - ES9840 Focusrite...
  5. AnalogSteph

    E1DA 9038D performance according to df-metric

    Fascinating. That's like 0.03 dB (+/-0.015 dB) of passband ripple clear as day. Which in turn would be consistent with using the filter named "Brick Wall" in the DAC datasheet, which reaches stopband at 0.5fs, matching Amir's findings. (Mind you, I'd rather have the regular old linear phase fast...
  6. AnalogSteph

    Solid upgrade from Motu M2?

    If opening it is out of the question, you could try running a loopback test using either RMAA or REW to determine the frequency response at 44.1/48k. REW can be trickier to get working right but may be you only sensible option if you're on a Mac or something. If everything works well it...
  7. AnalogSteph

    Does the DAC chip or it's specs matter if it feeds the speakers via AES/EBU???

    *) Well, mostly. They're close enough that supporting both is not a major stretch but do differ slightly.
  8. AnalogSteph

    Topping DX1 Gain: L or H for Sennheiser HD 560S?

    Relevant DX1 specs: That's about 0.78 and 3.9 Vrms, respectively. Low gain would thus put you at about 108 dB SPL max. That is close enough to the rule of thumb of 110 dB SPL that I'd say 99% of people should be more than fine in low gain. And should you ever find yourself in need of digging...
  9. AnalogSteph

    Solid upgrade from Motu M2?

    Is this the latest version M2 with the ESS ADC or the older one with an AKM? What kind of microphones are we talking about (and what kind of peak SPL levels)? Which sample rates are to be used? Will two mic inputs be sufficient or do you need more? TBH the M2 is no slouch. The AKM ADC digital...
  10. AnalogSteph

    EAR Yoshino 834L Deluxe Preamp Review

    Of course. It just turns out HD is generally correlated to IMD and can serve as a decent enough stand-in, especially if it's a traditional (non-PWM) amplifier with distortion that is largely constant across the band. Multitone is generally better though.
  11. AnalogSteph

    Question about mesurements...

    So you are using the balanced headphone out? The 246 mW spec only applies to that, it's 72 mW single-ended (which is still quite respectable). I suspect that your problem may have more to do with low levels on the digital side, i.e. not enough gain rather than actually running into output...
  12. AnalogSteph

    New system Vocal Distortion

    That's a major red flag. If your room screws up the JBLs this badly (which have anything but bad dispersion), acoustics must be complete and utter garbage. Possibly flutter echo galore. Try playing some handclap samples over the speakers to assess the situation. Chances are you'll need various...
  13. AnalogSteph

    need help to setup 5.1 composing studio

    JFTR, here's what I previously suggested:
  14. AnalogSteph

    Floating-Point ADC System

    Don't worry, it's fine. Anyway... All that in 1997. Impressive. As I imagine was the price tag for an advanced mixing console like that. Customers seem to have been mainly theatres and public broadcasters...
  15. AnalogSteph

    Am I deaf? And what is the next step up?

    'k, lessee... You can choose ReplayGain settings per renderer in BubbleUPnP. Make sure they are consistent. Your test tones files for level calibrations may not have been RG tagged, but your regular music collection may be (or at least I would very much advise doing so, it's one of those...
  16. AnalogSteph

    Splitting signals for a hearing aid and headphone - Balance XLR on the Phonitor 2

    As long as something playing in the M70X on the side with the hearing aid is not a problem, this should work. Assuming you can reconcile the level needs of the hearing aid input and headphones decently enough, that is. Yes. Do note that mono output (TS) always ends up on the left channel. You...
  17. AnalogSteph

    Akai CD-A205 CD Player

    Or the photodiodes used for laser detection, not a terribly rare fault either apparently. KSS240As seem to be regularly afflicted by bad SMD electrolytic disease. (Speaking of Sony pickups, losing all the spares for their high-end players with linear tracking in the 1995 Kobe earthquake was a...
  18. AnalogSteph

    Neumann MT 48

    Do you even need recording facilities then? The primary motivation for considering an MT48 should be its outstanding "capture the full dynamic range of a quality LDC in one fell swoop" mic/line ADC section. The DAC side is good, and there's not that much choice if you really do need +24 dBu of...
  19. AnalogSteph

    Floating-Point ADC System

    Let me borrow a graph from @Julian Krause for illustration. That big "kink" there in the middle is where the ADC switching occurs (it's a dual ADC affair). You can also buy ADCs with analog range extension / gain switching, e.g. ES9826. I'll have to research these. As one of the resident...
  20. AnalogSteph

    E1DA Cosmos ADC

    Well, yes, I was thinking more of the DAC side... what you were describing is nothing less than the venerable "ESS hump". Here's an example: DSD (a bunch of shaped dither) clearly reduces the "fuzz". Now that being...
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