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    How good / bad is MDF for use in speaker cabinets?

    Comparison of mdf and plywood for generic woodwork use: TL;DR Mdf is cheap and easy to form in complex shapes. Not as bad with humity as expected Structural rigidity is not that great
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    Thanks for the review amirm Really good value on the EU side Something like this (or the 502mp) is on my radar for the near future
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    What is the cheapest system (less than 500 euros/dollars) that surprised you with its sound quality?

    This! It was just crazy how well they sounded and how uncomplicated they were to position. Had another really good experience with some second hand Infinity reference 1i. Bought them in a bundle with an amp for fun and I am still shocked at how nice they sound. Gifted them to a friend who...
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    Eversolo DMP-A6 Streamer Review

    Really nice product! Thank you Amir for the review We finally start to see added functionality on top of an excellent dac. Only DSP needs to be added and we are there
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    M-Audio BX8 D3 Monitor Review

    Thanks amir for the review At 129 euro from a reputable store this is quite a bargain since it takes well to EQ. Some competition for the JBL with more bass and a different overall response Good to have options xD
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    Integrated amp upgrade from Technics 1500c

    Indeed. Just wanted to address the suggestion of Rega amps from oceanize
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    Integrated amp upgrade from Technics 1500c

    Rega has been tested here and proven to be a terrible amp, best to avoid A simple phono pre-amp will be cheaper and more versatile
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    SMSL DO300 DAC Review

    Thanks amir for the review We have seen this too many times by now... A perfect dac at different prices We know a perfect dac costs a little more than 100 $/€/£ Time to at least add some useful features like sub-out with selectable cross-over or auto-mic dsp
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    Wharfedale EVO 4.4 vs KEF R3

    None of these matters A simple cable will do. Banana is simply a matter of convenience
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    What does it take to succesfully transition to a green energy economy?

    Heat pumps and electrified heating in general will put a massive additional load to already old and ineffecicient main grids. Most grids as shared before are simply struggling to cope with increased amounts of renewable production. Add in the extra requirements for heating (these loads were not...
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    What does it take to succesfully transition to a green energy economy?

    What I find problematic in all these discussions is that energy = electricity. In Europe where I know the numbers, at least half of the energy demand is for heating /cooling. That is never discussed as part of the green energy transition. In any case reneables also have an impact and require...
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    Hypex DIY Preamplifier Kit Review

    That makes a lot of sense Thank amir for the review. Interesting to see different products from Hypex and curious how this one will evolve
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    Kef R3's split a pair for centers Netherlands

    Did a combo move 1 piece from Germany shipped for 520 A pair from open box for 900 Average 473 per speaker. Quite happy Still in the boxes waiting though cause we moved house and things are slow atm
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    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Check out this thread: Single R3 for center Managed to get a single R3 shipped
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    Arendal 1961 Center/Monitor Speaker Review

    Thanks for the review amir Great performance and the mate black finish looks awesome as well. Exciting times I considered these for LCR but decided to go with Kef R3's (non-meta)
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    B&O Beolab 20 Speaker Review

    Thanks to Amir and the member for the review Definetely interesting to see different speaker designs tested But indeed was disappointing
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    Unusual Speaker Designs

    My parents still use a pair of OA-14 in their living room
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    Denon AVR-X4800H AVR Review

    Thank you amir for the review and good to see AVRs measured again I would be very curious to see how some vintage models score on the bench Have a Denon a11 Sr but I am at the wrong side of the pond
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    M-Audio BX3 Monitor Review

    Thanks Amir for the review! Happy to see more speakers again lately This looks quite bad indeed Guess that Jbl 305 for a little bit more money is very hard to beat as a deal
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    Kef R Meta Series Release

    And this
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