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    Fosi Audio BT20A Pro Amplifier Review

    Thanks Fosi Audio! Looks like a great product that's well executed. It may be just my computer, but FYI I clicked on the Fosi Audio link above and my MalwareBytes antivirus app gave me a compromised site message.
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    They are great! I bought these to move my Revel M16s off my desk and it really improved my phantom image and soundstage. And gave me back some deskspace.
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    Room Acoustics, getting started with 2 channel

    That's my basic setup also. EQ APO and Peace works really well for me. Load EQ APO first. Then Peace. Using Peace makes adjusting EQ much easier, in my opinion.
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    Will I notice any difference with my speakers between mainboard line-out and USB DAC?

    It looks to me like the Fiio K5 Pro ESS also has line outs. Am I missing something?
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    EQ Software for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS/iPadOS and Android.

    Without a Mic you are flying blind. You can use Peace to edit the frequency response of your speakers, but it will be very hard to get a good frequency response.. Here is a link to a good Mic that many of us use:
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    EQ Software for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS/iPadOS and Android.

    Here is a link to the EAPO documentation: I highly recommend the Peace interface for EAPO. In my experience it's much more user friendly:
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    replacing Receivers for old farts

    Something like this on Craigslist would be perfect. There are lots of other options on Craigslist too.....
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    replacing Receivers for old farts

    Costco has a Denon receiver for $499 that has AM/FM and a sub out. This receiver has not been tested here, but the Denon equipment that has been tested has generally tested pretty well.
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    Upgrade the two-channel speakers or build an avr focused setup??

    It looks like you could improve your sound quality with some simple adjustments to your speaker locations. If you have the KG4s, I would definitely get some short stands to lift the speakers off the floor. Here is good explanation of different location approaches...
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    I'm torn on what speakers to buy guys...

    It's difficult to make a recommendation without budget numbers, so do you have a budget range in mind? Also, here is a great list of speaker recommendations at different price levels that @sweetchaos compiled...
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    The good, the bad and the sub

    Here is an excellent list of EQ options compiled by @Doodski for different operating systems. They range from free to expensive.
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    Bookshelf Speaker Placement (Computer Monitor Blocking Right Speaker)

    For the best sound it's really important to have the speakers equidistant from your ears (without any obstruction). Floor stands could do that for you if you center the monitors on your desk. I have Monolith stands that are very heavy and well made. That would be my recommendation. Eric...
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    Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 Speaker Review

    Here is a link to a calculator to see how loud the Elac speakers would play with 50 watts. At a 10 foot distance the SPL would be 90 dB which is quite loud.
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    JBL A180 Tower Speaker Review

    Well, what other information would you like Amir to include in all of his speaker reviews? Size of the tweeters, overall size of the speakers, colors available, material used for the woofers and tweeters, weight, etc......
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    JBL A180 Tower Speaker Review

    So you would rather have Amir add commonly available information to each review rather than complete more reviews? That's not a very good idea.
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    Female Vocals: Stunning Recordings You Love

    Love this by Neena Frelon. Nice spatial quality. You can hear the different instruments in space....
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    Influence of curtains on room acoustics

    Didn't mean to offend you abdo. Just trying or find some area of agreement....
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    Could someone help me witg choosing a speaker?

    If you plan to mix with the speakers, I think the Kali LP6 v2 would be a better choice. Conclusions from Amir The Kali LP-6 despite its ridiculously low price produced excellent performance. Had...
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    Influence of curtains on room acoustics

    I think the point is that the curtains do not have enough mass to alter the low frequencies. So the low frequency response should be about the same with open or closed drapes. EDIT: Can we agree on that?
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    JBL A180 Tower Speaker Review

    You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many speakers!
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