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    Ambisonics Microphones:

    Not any technical ones, but I'd like to know to what extent you think it reproduces the cues/directionality found in 'real' (unreproduced) sound. Any obvious flaws/strengths would be interesting too. Thanks.
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    Questions of temperament - friendly, 'thinking out loud' thread

    Do you think the 'problem' with good English speakers could be attributed to personality differences, is that what you mean by process information differently?
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    Questions of temperament - friendly, 'thinking out loud' thread

    Has anyone here done a personality test, such as this: Do you put any stock in such things? I sometimes wonder whether disagreements on the forum (or elsewhere in life), are a case of personalities that are incompatible, more so than disagreements about the...
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    Dunning & Kruger overestimated their own competences.

    Sorry @Jim Taylor, your post is a little, uh...abstract? Do you mean hard vs soft science? Are you saying soft science has little (no?) value....I'm not sure of your meaning.
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    New mysterious Genelec monitors

    Whatever it is, at least it is something different and has people talking.
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    Watches! What do y'all have on your wrists?

    Anyone buy them as an investment, anyone significantly up on their investment?
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    Mackie HR824 MK1 Studio Monitors: Factory Anechoic + In-Room Measurements

    I'd be interested to hear impressions of the difference between MK1 and MK2, if anyone has heard both. I think the first didn't have a passive radiator and the second did, if I'm correct in my thinking.
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    "plasticky" Neumanns?

    You will notice in my posts a liberal use of italics, particularly around words like may and possibly. These italics are used for emphasis, all too often ignored it seems. Are people unaware of what italics mean when used in a sentence these days? I've never once had a non-native speaker...
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    "plasticky" Neumanns?

    Your argument is against the subjective language used, that it is too loose, not that they cannot communicate. Studio engineers use a lot of loose language that has meaning between engineers. Where is the failure here, that it is too ill-defined? Perhaps on ASR it is too ill-defined, but it...
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    "plasticky" Neumanns?

    I didn't say there was science behind it, more so it could be the beginning of an understanding. I don't know how plasticky is less of an acceptable term than boomy or tizzy, purely because it is new to the lexicon? Does boomy mean something and could it mean the same/very similar things...
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    "plasticky" Neumanns?

    Someone isn't a troll purely for having a different point of view. There are plenty of people on this forum that haven't put out papers, haven't added to the science, and do not fully understand what they are espousing, yet they are "defenders of the faith", so to speak. It may not be a faith...
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    "plasticky" Neumanns?

    Sure, but that doesn't require total comprehension of their workings, either by me or even the designers. There are things that work, but we are not totally sure why. Ha, you accuse me of a strawman, then you erect a great big wickerman in its place. I forgot, it is pointless to use nuance on...
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    "plasticky" Neumanns?

    if they contradict it doesn't, by dint of fact, mean they are immediately wrong. They may be less likely to be right, but not just immediately wrong. Is the science on audio (or anything for that matter) settled? That is a good point I agree with. There is the 'me too' effect and the quiet...
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    "plasticky" Neumanns?

    Me? I refer you to the last three paragraphs of my previous post, in case you missed them.
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    "plasticky" Neumanns?

    Where does one 'get it done'? I doubt I could pull it off to high enough standards in my own living room. It would be interesting to see how many people could do so in a group, more than on individual level IMO. This forum BTW: 1. An individual hears something about a speaker and characterises...
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    "plasticky" Neumanns?

    If there is something that is noticed that is described as 'plasticky' and it is noticed by several people, then it may warrant investigation, to see if it is something attributable to some character or defect, or just some kind of mass delusion. Difficult to say at what point it becomes worth...
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    "plasticky" Neumanns?

    I'm relatively confident that most of speakers I've heard have a character of one sort or another and I could identify which is which (blind) to a high success rate. I think it is all just a case of finding which is most pleasant/least unpleasant to your ears. All of these characters I could...
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    Have Slim Floorstanding Speakers "Had Their Day?"

    The above speakers in MattHooper's post look like something out of movie, that might just become sentient and attack at any moment. I don't think slim speakers have had their day, because most (outside America) tend to live in relatively small homes. I do think that big(ger) speakers present a...
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    The psychology of it all.

    Isn't psychology an attempt to understand people, first and foremost? How good it is is anybody's guess, but yes, that understanding can be used for manipulation. Interesting aside - Edward Bernays, the creator of modern advertising, was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, father of psychology. So...
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    Want to make a movie psycho? Make them an audiophile!

    I don't want to derail your thread, but is there any suggestion as to how Alex got his hands on the money for that turntable? I've only seen the film, not read the book, is it a part of the book - is it a good read?
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