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    Benchmark DAC3 volume control issue

    Wait, you were charged for firmware updates?
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    RME DACs & Internal DAC Bypass?

    I believe the ADI Pro's have digital outputs as well as inputs I wonder if the EQ functions work on the digital out as well.
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    Stream or own?

    I still end up buying a lot of CDs and ripping them to use in Roon (and Roon ARC now). I defintely understand the convencince of streaming, but not everything is available on those services. Ryuichi Sakamoto died the other day and I was listening to some of the albums I have, and I noticed quite...
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    General Question about sample rate switching on USB/DAC combos.

    Not sure this is a Topping issue. I have a Topping DX3 Pro+ as well. It is connected via USB to a Windows 10 PC. Using Roon I'm able to play files of various sample rates without a noticable pause. I did a quick test going from queing up three files: 44kHz 16 bit to 88kHz 24bit to 96kHz 24...
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    Hardware digital tone control?

    A RME ADI DAC? They have customizable EQ settings.
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    Digital audio switchbox?

    For digital switching, take a look at this. It handles Toslink and Coaxial. Output as coaxial and a cheap adapter can turn this to AES. It will automatically switch from input to input based on if a signal is...
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    Topping DFU?

    Generally USB 3.0 ports have blue plastic centers vs. regular black ones.
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    Google Nest Audio Spinorama and Measurements

    Google has these now at $50, which I think is the cheapest they have ever been. Thinking about getting a couple to form a stereo pair for Roon use.
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    Roon 2.0 Launched Today - Adds Mobile Listening

    Roon updated to 2.0 today. Roon 2.0 It adds a killer feature for me, the ability to listen to all my music out of the home on a cell network. You'll need the new Roon ARC app to use this feature. Some quick testing shows it works just fine. I had to bump the bit rate down to balanced (about...
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    YAMAHA A-S701 - tear-down, thoughts about the internals & few measurements

    I think that would work. Don't know much about this, but would splitting the signal affect the voltage of the line level?
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    YAMAHA A-S701 - tear-down, thoughts about the internals & few measurements

    I'm using an inexpensive Topping outboard DAC (the inboard DAC does not handle switching sample rates gracefully) into the CD input of the Yamaha. Since the DAC only has a single RCA out, I'm using the REC OUT to go to the headphone amp. Wondering if I should invest in a DAC with more than one...
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    YAMAHA A-S701 - tear-down, thoughts about the internals & few measurements

    I'm using the Rec Out on a Yamaha AS801 to feed an external headphone amplifier. Am I losing performance this way? Should I try to find an alternate way to feed this headphone amp?
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    Topping L30 II and E30 II

    I'm very interested in this. I currently use a L30 and after making some headroom for EQ, it could definitely be louder.
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    Earlier Version of Pat Metheny's "Better Days Ahead"?

    I ran across this recording of a concert in Houston 1981 of the Pat Metheny Group. There is a 7+ min version of Better Days Ahead on it. I'm only familiar with the one from Letter From Home in...
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    Ever consider having a subforum for studio gear?

    Why not just Pro Audio? For both gear and recording methods/discussions.
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    Apple music lossless

    I understand Apple Music and Itunes to be seperate. Apple Music is lossless and there is no way to download music without maintaining a subscription. Purchases from Itunes are not lossless, they are still AAC lossy files.
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    S/PDIF interface recommendations?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm looking for an optical in to USB then into a PC. Is that an audio interface? I've found this Mini DSP USB Streamer B in my research but on their forum people have had problems and they don't offer a return policy so I'm wary of spending $130 on something that may...
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    S/PDIF interface recommendations?

    I'm also looking for a optical interface, only I just need digital optical in and have no need for analog inputs. Something like the RME Digiface USB would do the job, but is there something eqivalent at a cheaper price point? And a general question, since this is all digital and there is no...
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    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    If you want to feed this speaker a digital signal to avoid the internal analog to digital conversion, what kind of device do you need to feed it a AES digital signal? I have a computer USB source and optical and coax SPDIF sources. Am I looking for a DAC with a selectable digital output? Or just...
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    Mixing multiple consumer S/PDIF devices - Clock sync issues?

    This switch should also do the job too, I think. Cheaper and I recall it was very highly rated by one of the RME folks.
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