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    Elac Carina BS243.4 Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    Folks who don't like these or other speakers in the near field have you tried tonal adjustments? A couple db of trebble boost and or bass boost. Should bring back some pop at low SPL. You know, effectively the loudness control. You could also be more specific than basic tone controls with PEQ if...
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    Elac Carina BS243.4 Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    @ClevelandBill the most recent reviewed amp would be ideal for these and just about any speaker that is not high sensitivity and needs meaningfully more than 50watts.
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    Elac Carina BS243.4 Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    These have sensitivity of around 83db and are essentially 4ohm speakers. A bit on the low side. A tower with say 89db sensitivity will play at the same SPL as these with 1/4 of the input power. Speakers with 92db sensitivty, which is quite sensitive, would play at the same level with 1/8th the...
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    Highest crossover point from woofer to midbass in tower speaker for best sound? And distance from floor

    In my view maximizing power handling is not really the point. I would like to maximize performance. What I mean is that for myself by far the biggest benefit of high passing in general and especially higher up essentially making a 3 way speaker is reducing cone travel. If you are actually going...
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    Highest crossover point from woofer to midbass in tower speaker for best sound? And distance from floor

    Mike I think you are over thinking the benefit of ultra high power handling and yet seem to be neglecting peaks. Your amp needs to be 300-500watts if you are going clipping free when using 50-100watt continuous power delivery as a reference. Your drivers can't handle that power level but you...
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    Highest crossover point from woofer to midbass in tower speaker for best sound? And distance from floor

    I make 2ways into 3ways all day long. Many times. In my case the subwoofers are the base & bass. Like towers. You can still have a separate sub(s) for the 20hrz stuff in some crazy location but the 3way design requires those 3 drivers to be reasonably near each other So I can cross pretty high...
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    Schiit Loki Mini+ Equalizer Review

    Howdy @amirm. According to SCHIIT it should not be flat with all bands cranked as they are not equal in boost/cut. Some are 6db, some 12db Still weird and hard to adjust on this though. Specs & Pricing Type: Line-level four-band EQ device Bands and adjustment ranges: 20Hz (±12dB), 400Hz (±6dB)...
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    Revel M106 vs M126Be: worth the upgrade?

    Different measurement techniques and different microphones are going to be factors. The PIR by the way from the previous post is more or less a novelty. Even when taking an actual in room/ in situation measurement you really can't parse out the sound in a super meaningful way. It does have use...
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    Revel M106 vs M126Be: worth the upgrade?

    Howdy. That is the estimated/predicted in room steady state responce which is not an actual measurement. Why did you pick that?
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    I noticed the R7's are well priced as well @$1k each, $2k a pair.
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    KEF LS50 Meta vs KEF R3

    I hope you returned them (BestBuy??) That is terrible damage to the most important driver. That needs a replacement uniq driver or you really don't have what you really want in a $2k speaker, even for $700. Do not keep them. I have measured damaged drivers of other types. They always have...
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    inconsistent results from two Umik-2

    You will save so much time just getting a pro calibration. The standard deviation of the UMIK-1 and similar mics is +-4db and miniDSP calibration is often off the mark. I'd suspect the 2 has the same performance. In the end they are $80 & $195 mics that include power. You could spend far, far...
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    inconsistent results from two Umik-2

    I have two Umik-1's They are quite close. One is also custom calibrated by Cross spectrum labs. All three 'versions' are pretty close to each other, though the cross spectrum is different from miniDSP's own values by a almost a couple DB in some areas(mainly very high and very low) Try one of...
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    Loudspeaker Design Cookbook 8th Edition

    It is a good book and anyone not already familiar & into DIY ought to check out Voice Coil Magazine/Audioxpress. The author is the main guy there. The print copy of Voice Coil is kinda fun. It is an add supported industry mag, the driver testing is quite detailed and...
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    JBL Stage A130 Review (speaker)

    I beleive the current EQ in that is Graphic EQ, correct? You really need a Parametric EQ, PEQ. I beleive that feature is comming soon as an update to that Wiim Pro you have. Graphic EQ and Parametric are quite a bit different, though at times in very certain situations you can come close to...
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    Mission LX-3 MKII Speaker Review

    This is a decent speaker for $250usd @the clearance/deep discount price. The crossover has nice elements for the $250 price point and it looks like attention was paid to achieve some decent performance. This is not a great $570 speaker. From those LX-2 images, that stamped steel basket...
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    Mobile Fidelity Analog Vinyl Controversy

    Naw, I hear yah and in some other parallel reality I agree with you fully. Here at this beautiful time I do stand by what I said. The 5% rebate says it all. I suppose some will take the full refund and sock that away toward a new power conditioner. Regardless of what the 'legal' system says or...
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Music Direct 15% off open box and B-stock MDP15 thru Monday @11:59pm central Best speaker deal I am seeing is the B-stock Revel F206 tower in Walnut $1010 each -15%...
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    KEF R3 Speaker Review

    I used the R3 and a few other speakers on 8" ported DIY subs as stands and 10" sealed subs that use a proper bass bosst to lift the roll of. @fineMen and others, When you folks design sealed subs, plan to use bass boost to get the extension you want. (and thus use a beefy amp) They don't even...
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