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    RCA Interlinks: Influence of conductor material. MEASUREMENTS.

    It is a junky test. Of course there is overswing when using a rectangle signal and the far end of the cable is not terminated also 50 Ohm as the signal generator is. Every EE did such measurements. 100 kHz rectangle is anyway not relevant for audio signals. And further, the different RLC of the...
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    Stereophile Now Measuring Turntables....

    Genau so. Wenn etwas richtig gemacht werden soll, dann selber, wenn man es kann wie wir. Sven BW
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    Stereophile Now Measuring Turntables....

    Servicing I do it myself. But to get GOOD spare parts can be expensive. If the lubrication is done it lasts for 10 years minimum. But I rarely use the turntable so it may last forever. If you have a professional service for restoring the TD124, cost is indeed very high.
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    Amir speaker testing

    One point is right to my opinion. Mixing engineers listen to the nearfield and often a acoustical damped room. This is of course different to audio listeners who do not sit near their speakers. So there may be a different perception from that what the mixing engineer heard. But who cares. The...
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    Can output impedance measurement/plot be added to the amplifier test repertoire?

    Right, DF is overemphasized since the resistances lie in the loudspeaker cable and the crossover network. And, DF is mostly necessary for the woofer. The tweeter does anyway what it wants to do.
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    Stereophile Now Measuring Turntables....

    Have a TD124 Mk2 with SME tonearm since 1971. It has some rumble but absolutely no flutter and no wow due to the very heavy platter. And it is driven by belt from the motor via rubberwheel to the platter. Rumble comes at least from some of my vinyl LPs due to warp. But I don't use the player...
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    How do you usually store your headphones?

    On my stereo rack in an antistatic bag.
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    Wow, that is heavy. If I buy this fuse then there is no money left to buy the stereo gear.
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    Hifi reviewers

    HiFi reviews are today at least in Germany not much more than a description of new products. Some so called "listening tests", but I think this is not really useful for a buying decision. So, most of it is repeated marketing material. A lot of description is the look and design of the gear which...
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    Normal headphone sound or virtual speakers?

    Nice idea. But it is for sure not feasible. The sound is always direct at each ear without the room direction information. Room information needs to have both ears uncovered. If somebody would invent this switch I would use it because I don'l like the "in-the-head" music.
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    Snubber Circuits on the power switch? Pros and Cons

    Resistor should be on the safe side with 2 Watt rating. Reason is that there is a very short time to prevent arcing thus the wattage is low. When the power switch is open then the current is small. Resistor can be carbon film or better metal film for long life. Some designs put only the...
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    Why are single drivers disliked to such an extent by most in this forum?

    You said it, there are inherent issues. Further there is also the doppler effect which modulates the highs when cone extension due to bass. This is also measureble and hearable. Whatever was tried, it was a compromise. Physics and acoustics make the rules which cannot be changed. Even dynamic...
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    New Børresen M6 flagship speakers

    I take it with humor. I would take a different speaker and build a house around it for this price. Nothing new, it is a d'Appolito design and I have such a speaker type from the company T+A as of 1986 which works pretty soundy even today.
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    The online coffee/espresso culture mirrors the subjectivist audio crowd.

    Since I have some italian restaurants around in nearby villages I know very good espresso from these expensive machines. First, it is the coffee brand and quality level, second, fresh grinded with a dedicated grinder, right water temperature, pressure and flow time. It can be done at home, but...
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    Stereophile's Jim Austin disagrees w Atkinson; says tubes have something that can't be measured

    Futterman amps. Thank you all for the interesting replies. And yes, the Futterman circuit is non-standard and non-symmetrical. Think that higher load impedance is better.
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    Stereophile's Jim Austin disagrees w Atkinson; says tubes have something that can't be measured

    Does anybody have sound experience with Futterman tube power amps which have no output transformer?
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    Stereophile's Jim Austin disagrees w Atkinson; says tubes have something that can't be measured

    As a German, I accept that there are different race car designs according to the type of race action. Me too I love and have V8 US oldtimers which is really heavy metal. On the other hand, why is Porsche so successful in the US where speed limits exist ?
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    How NOT to test studio audio equipment

    There are a lot of questionable videos on YouTube. Don't believe all what is presented. Some is realistic, some presenters have no knowledge at all.
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    Stereophile's Jim Austin disagrees w Atkinson; says tubes have something that can't be measured

    Indeed true. Used myself ocilloscopes with tubes long time ago. Also restored microphone preamps with tubes of the 1950ies. With low signals the sound is superb and with low distortion. Tube preamps have also the benefit of high frequency amplification which can if desired go up to almost 100...
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