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    YouTube Audio Reviewer Tier List - Jan 2023 Edition

    As far as I know I never uploaded any videos haha! Did you mean Erin? But thanks for the kind words if any were meant for me. As for why I'm not around often anymore, it's simply because: * I was laid off from my old job as a journalist and reviewer and decided to make a career switch. I may...
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    Wide dispersion near field speaker for hifi listening

    Imo it always matters in a typically-sized room. Sure, the impact of wide dispersion might be less when the early reflections are less prominent relative to the direct sound, but they do have a noticeable impact regardless. Otherwise, why even care about directivity in the nearfield at all...
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    How to make quasi-anechoic speaker measurements/spinoramas with REW and VituixCAD

    Si quieres, enviame un mensaje directo para explicarterlo mas claro en español.
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    How to make quasi-anechoic speaker measurements/spinoramas with REW and VituixCAD

    Thank you for both for your further insights. Fair enough. This was written primarily for those measuring bookshelf/small speakers in mind, but it's not as clear as it should be in the text. There are certainly more challenges to measuring towers though ultimately it mostly come down to how...
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    How to make quasi-anechoic speaker measurements/spinoramas with REW and VituixCAD

    Thank you for your input! Using a smoother function (and my reluctance) was discussed earlier in the thread. My experience isn't much with DIY but with measuring commercial speakers. That's allowed me to compare my results to anechoic results from the NFS or an anechoic chamber on at least...
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    How to make quasi-anechoic speaker measurements/spinoramas with REW and VituixCAD

    I actually began the process of a complete rewrite a couple of weeks ago and eventually plan to 'open source' the guide so it can be updated by the community to include relevant updates in REW and VituixCAD. The software evolves faster than I am able to keep up with now that I am no longer...
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    IK Multimedia iLoud Precision MTM Spinorama

    Sorry to be pedantic, but with all due respect those handful of measurements aren't a spinorama @sarumbear. I would just call the thread "iloud measurements" since I was expeting something a bit more thorough =]. It takes 72 angles processed in a particular way, not just 3. One can't just look...
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    How to make quasi-anechoic speaker measurements/spinoramas with REW and VituixCAD

    1m away is good for consistency but no, it's not a really that important that the speaker be be 1m away if it's very small. I've measured some small speakers from about 2 feet/0.6m away.
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    New Focal Chora 806 on and off-axis measurements

    Better the devil you know... I think they're close enough that's it's likely to be a pure matter of preference personal preference. While I strongly caution against YouTube sound demos as directivity can significantly alter impressions, from my recollection/notes the Focals seemed slightly...
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    iLoud Micro Monitors measurements and quasi-anechoic spinorama

    Keep in mind they are designed to be used at 0.5m, and that is the distance iLoud specifies in its specs. It's only really fair to compare them with speakers meant for similar applications. The port noise seems to be an issue that varies by user so it could point to a QC problem. In my case t...
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    JBL L82 Classic: Spinorama and Measurements

    Looking forward to hearing your impressions; curious if they'll be similar to mine as not many have heard these here.
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    How to make quasi-anechoic speaker measurements/spinoramas with REW and VituixCAD

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I have actually myself been considering how to turn some of my "research" into something more academic and formal so it's nice to see someone has been doing just that. I have not measured many speakers recently but I have wanted to look more into...
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    JBL L82 Classic: Spinorama and Measurements

    I preferred the L82 to the 4309, but I have had a consistent preference for wider directivity/shallower waveguide designs for most of the speakers I've listened to. I also like that you can "tweak" the soundstage by having the tweeters on the outside or inside. And of course, you're also...
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    IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Review (active monitor)

    My issue is that I essentially have three sound sources that play through the MTM's, often all at once or in quick succession: My digital Piano's built-in sound engine, ASIO through my DAW, and other sound sources through good ol' Windows Audio. The most convenient way to have all sound sources...
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    IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Review (active monitor)

    It made a very clear audible improvement in my very near field setup. I use them as monitors for my digital piano setup which is right in a corner of my living room and the calibration neatly tidied up the bass. But I haven't gone through the trouble of measuring with REW to see the before and...
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    Most respected reviewers

    Honored to be included! But just an FYI that I no longer write for TNW (alas, laid off) so you wont see anything new from me there, just my old reviews. For those curious about where to find my stuff in the future, I'm not sure what's next yet. But if I'm measuring speakers I'll be happy to...
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    Why are omni-directional microphones preferred to measure speakers? Why not directional?

    So off the top of my head -- I know much less about microphones than speakers -- I don't think it would quite work the way you're imagining it. I see your logic, but having performed many a quasi-wnechoic measurement, it seems to me using directional microphones would just be more of a headache...
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    Comparison of DRCs: Dirac Live for Studio, IK Multimedia ARC System 3 and Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio edition

    @dominikz Just wanted to say thanks for this very useful thread! I recently bought the iLoud MTMs for my digital piano/newbie composer setup, so I can get ARC 3 for quite cheap. I know how to REW+EQ, but thought it would be nice to get something more automated and not have to bust out the CSL...
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    How to make quasi-anechoic speaker measurements/spinoramas with REW and VituixCAD

    I'm so glad it was helpful! And your set up is certainly fancier than my own. Honestly I'm glad I wrote this because now that I don't measure speakers often I'm sure I'll forget some steps myself next time I do! :D Its due for a revision given some updates to Rew and VituixCAD but I'm glad...
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    Amphion studio monitors

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply back! My chat with Anssi was just to get more background -- not a formal interview =] To address some of your points: I feel you on the criticism of those brands. Sometimes its exaggerated, sometimes it's more justified. I think it depends on the individual...
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