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    Recommendation request thread

    Thanks a bunch for the tips :) I was thinking open back due to some people reporting that closed back somehow would add more pressure to the ears and open being somewhat more tinnitus friendly. But the AKG seem really nice, think I will have to try them out.
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    Recommendation request thread

    Country: Austria (EU) Budget: 200 Euro Form factor: Open back Use case: A lot of videoconferencing, some music listening and gaming. Source information: PC/Focusrite Scarlett gen 3 Things that are important to you: I want headphones that deliver clear speech on low volume, are comfortable...
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    This really interests me and I would like to know more. Especially closed back headphones - is it proven/accepted that they aggravate it? Where can I read more about this? As someone who got bad ringing in both ears after Metallica -93 and then used a walkman on the bus to blast punk rock full...
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    Thoughts about speaker type for medium room

    Posting to give +1 to Focal. The standmounts seem to measure very similarly to the floorstanders, so I reckon giving the Aria 906 mentioned above a listen is a good idea. (With sub.) Their floorstanders are outstanding, but probably a bit overkill for a medium sized room.
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    Measurements of "regular" TV sound chain?

    So I currently have a chromecast connected to an old TV, with coaxial sound out going into a Loxjie D30 and on to amp and speakers. I also have a RPI with Moode connected to the same D30 over USB. Now as I am already using the chromecast for streaming video, it's kind of tempting using it for...
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    Audio from PC - budget $500, very newbie

    I recently bought the previously recommended Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and paired it with KRK RP5 G4 (iirc). I am more than happy with the sound for that money. Actually, I would say that combo has more than enough sound quality and oomph for most folks. Even the "feeling" of quality with solid...
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    Proper Metal music (no pony tails or choral crap)

    From one of those albums I really feel should have recieved a lot more attention back when it was released (-99).
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    Measurement mic

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into the ECM8000 or similar.
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    Measurement mic

    As I will get access to new apartment in a few days time it's time to really think about room treatment. Basically what I would like to know is what kind of mics make decent measurements? We have a simple audio interface and do some basic recording at home. So it would be really nice to use a...
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    Loxjie A30 (ES9023) vs Loxjie D30 (AK4493) DAC

    Just wanted to thank you for the heads up on this. Actually took the plunge and ordered one. Lo and behold, It arrived at my doorstep without issues 2 weeks later :)
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    My first Raspberry Pi streamer - Please have a look at the parts list :-) Thank you!

    As I am new to this unfortunately I can't say much with any authority. However I just yesterday installed my first ever RPI and am running moode on a 2GB model and am having no issues whatsoever. Obviously roon might have other demands but it would surprise me greatly if 2GB of ram wasn't...
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    Best raspberry pi dac

    What are you using to get coax out from the RPI? (Or did I miss something in the chain?)
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    Help me choose floor standers under 1000 euro (a pair)

    Just wanted to thank you for the contact information. Even though I'm in Austria and the speakers are available from a bunch of big retailers around here (mediamarkt etc) some of the french ones instantly offered a better price. So it looks like your help might save me a bit of cash :)
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    Connecting regular headset to XLR audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett)

    Thanks for the in depth and for me very interesting info. Also great with some recommendations and examples for microphones for the different types. Much appreciated! As I spend 4-6 hours a day in Video conferences these days, improving sound and picture really does interest me. But as I am...
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    Connecting regular headset to XLR audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett)

    Thanks for the info and advice. I am sorely tempted to go for a somewhat better mic now! (Trust this forum to always make you increase your budget :D ) One question about microphones though. Can I have one mounted somewhere on my desk and have people hear what I'm saying even if I lean back in...
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    Connecting regular headset to XLR audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett)

    TLDR; Can I use the Rode VXLR+ to connect my headset microphone to an XLR interface. If not, is are there other options? I'm currently just using a fairly basic headset for my work from home. It has the regular (TTRS?) plug in one end that goes into the computer for both sound and microphone...
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    DAC+Amp / AVR for Focal Aria 926

    Doh, hope it gets sorted quickly and without to much pain. Glad to hear you enjoy the amp though, seems likely I will order one myself within the next month or two :)
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    DAC+Amp / AVR for Focal Aria 926

    Please post here when you have the amp and had a chance to test it. I'm probably getting the Focal Chora 826 which I believe are the low budget version of your speakers; and am also strongly considering the Audiophonics amp. So I am really interested in how you like it. (Also interested in...
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    Loxjie A30 (ES9023) vs Loxjie D30 (AK4493) DAC

    I just wish they had some to send from the EU to avoid any potential customs/toll issues. But it does seem like its the best shot of getting one within the foreseeable future.
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