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    Sennheiser HD800S Review (Headphone)

    Just in case you're not aware, ProQ's Q values are not the same as those provided by oratory1990: oratory1990's must be equated to ProQ's with an annoying equation, dependant on frequency, bitrate and Q value: Qp = Qo*(2*π*(f/b))/sin(2*π*(f/b))*√(2) , where Qp is ProQ's Q value, Qo is...
  2. Presently42

    Sennheiser HD800S Review (Headphone)

    You are quite right. I have indeed performed this experiment - and also found there to be not much difference in spatial effects. However, I did notice a fairly large difference when I removed the spatial effects bands from the HD800. I suspected (and still do, at least in part), that spatial...
  3. Presently42

    Sennheiser HD800S Review (Headphone)

    Yes, the soundstage is absolutely affected. This effect is realised at around 7 - 9 kHz*. I simply leave the HD800 untouched in this crucial area. You can test this yourself: put in a fairly sharp peaking filter around 8 kHz, and play with the amplitude. Note how spatial effects are affected. Be...
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    Most beautiful speakers in the world ?

    Pretty... uh... speaker. Yeah.
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    Let's talk about food!

    From your description, you've made deliscious tahdig! Unfortunately, your links are utterly broken, and show up as a string of text.
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    EverSolo Z8 DAC & Amp Review

    Another fine review. @amirm, the Top 20 DAC graph has a typo in the company's name
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    Recommendations for Mid-20th Century and later classical composers

    Shockingly, no-one has mentioned Benjamin Britten of War Requiem fame. I had the greatest pleasure to sing this moving work with the local symphonic orchestra. By the last performance, the final movement had me in such an emotive state, that I couldn't even see the notes on the page. Anyway...
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    Album of the Year

    Before this thread gets sidetracked, let's discuss the current ideas: 1: A generic Album of the Year. How this is agreed upon has several different methods: 1.1: Free for all: we each pick one, and the number of upvotes wins; 1.1.1: A year-long free-for-all thread, in which...
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    Album of the Year

    Not what I'd had in mind - but not a bad idea! Indeed, I didn't have much in mind - other than celebrating a new album from the current year, and awarding it the completely arbitrary title of Best. I thought of including best album of various genres, but wanted to not influence discussion with...
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    Album of the Year

    Seems not very clear, that's there's no great desire for album of the year. Maybe strudel of the year?
  11. Presently42

    Album of the Year

    Is there interest in having an ASR Album of the Year award? Perhaps for different genres, if there's interest? Ranked choice ballot? Jurors - or everyone can vote for anything? Discuss!
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    Revel F208 Tower Speaker Review

    This is researched by Todd Welti: From the conclusion: "One subwoofer at each wall midpoint is the best in terms of Std, Max-ave and Max-min but does not support low frequencies particularly well. Two subwoofers, at opposing wall midpoints...
  13. Presently42

    JBL A180 Tower Speaker Review

    To play devil's advocate, if the information is so commonly available, searching for (if indeed it even needs searching for) and including it in a review will take a trivial amount of time; and in no way preclude further reviews being made
  14. Presently42

    SOLD!!!: Revel Ultima2 Studios (Mahogany):SOLD!!!

    Just a heads up: none of the attachments (photos?) are working.
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    Serious, yet enjoyable Western canon literature

    Eh, nothing a little antibiotic won't take care of
  16. Presently42

    Serious, yet enjoyable Western canon literature

    And his Portrait of the Author as a Young Man. His short stories are well worth the read too. Do have a guide or footnotes handy: you'll need them. Really, there are just so many phenomenal books out there, it's hard to choose. I might say Pynchon's works have made me a better person - others...
  17. Presently42

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    Thought it was common knowledge. Anyway, you can read his own thoughts on Mostly Harmless in The Salmon of Doubt. I'm sure it's explicitly stated somewhere, that depression was the cause of the bleak year - go forth and search, if you're so inclined!
  18. Presently42

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    He was also extremely depressed when he wrote the last book
  19. Presently42

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    I didn't see the original radio play mentioned, so perhaps a link is in order:
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