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    Nice pictures of your audio setup

    Snapped a few photos while running my first set of REW sweeps the other day. Subwoofer hiding behind couch.
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    Nord's new Value-Line Hypex NCore MP series

    What else is done? Reading objective reviews on ASR with data/measurements and getting a background in audio theory and buying based on that knowledge and your budget and availability.
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    audyssey multeq for stereo?

    I got the app! I also just ran my first REW sweeps this week so I can figure out what to tweak using the app. I now have way more eq than I'm knowledgeable what to do with - Audyssey xt32 on AVR, audyssey app, REW + UMIK1, and SVS Pro sub with their app.
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    audyssey multeq for stereo?

    It didn't work with the app, needed the next model. Ended up getting a used Denon x3500
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    New Schiit SYN - Analog Surround Sound Processor

    Would love to see a tiny desktop sized CD player in the future. Something like the Denon DCD-50 form factor.
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    WiiM Pro - Review & Measurements (Streamer)

    Thx. Ive got the same DAC with a Wiim Mini. Was thinking the desktop stack would look a little nicer with a Pro :-)
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    I had also received an email about upcoming Wiim Pro lightning deal on Amazon. Wonder if this will be the same price. I already have a Wiim Mini but tempted to get a Pro.
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    ifi Zen Phono Review (phono stage)

    @amirm this review isn't showing up in the master review index
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    Coming soon: MiniDSP Flex with HDMI input

    I do believe the Shield will decode and output LPCM. What a great device. Mine is still going strong from 2015 as our bedroom Kodi box.
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    Pyle PT8000CH 8-Channel Amplifier Review

    Zone control for your in ceiling speakers. On/off, input switching, volume control. The "nice" ones have wifi and apps, the "dumb" ones just have IR remotes and you use IR repeaters or a Wifi IR remote like the Broadlink RM4. It seems Pyle has a pre-amp that's designed to do all those features.
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    Pyle PT8000CH 8-Channel Amplifier Review

    Does no one else here have an in-ceiling speaker setup in their home? This is obviously what it is designed for, as it can be bridged with one or more additional amps if you need more zones. I'm sure there are no "smart" features built into this, much like my old Marantz multi channel amps I'm...
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    Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 Speaker Review

    A few months back I set up eBay alerts for the x3400 and x3500. Snagged an x3500 used for less than that shipped.
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    Topping DX3 Pro+ Review (DAC & Headphone Amp)

    You can adjust the windows output volume from your computer, you can not adjust the DX3 output though.
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    Coming soon: MiniDSP Flex with HDMI input

    Could this finally be an AVR replacement (sans Dolby/dts decoding)? Assuming you have a smart TV that has good HDMI passthrough you could plug HDMI devices (Blu-ray, PC) into the TV. Regular stereo audio devices (CD player, streamer) could go straight into the MiniDSP. Would be a little...
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    2.1 Desktop Setup Amp+Subwoofer Recommendations

    Minidsp 2x4 would be a good place to start. Otherwise the SVS sub has pass through so you could connect it: DAC to sub to amp to speakers.
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    High end receiver phono input vs dedicated phono stage?

    I'm also considering ditching my fairly low end standalone Phono-pre, a Bellari VP 130 with fake little tube: and instead using the built in Phono-pre on my Denon x3500. I'm assuming I wouldn't notice the difference and it reduces some clutter. But...
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    PartsExpress Sound bar HDMI low output

    You mentioned you built it... was it this kit? Could you potentially have put something together incorrectly leading to the very low volume output? (gain not correct?). Possibly contact...
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    Integrating a turntable into a digital system

    Now y'all got me wondering if I shouldn't be using the phono input on my Denon x3500 AVR and instead need to get a phono-pre as well as an ADC :-)
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    Dennon x3300 vs x3700

    As someone that uses an external amp for my front L and R with a x3500 can you explain your last point about 1.2-1.4v?
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