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  1. Nigel Pickmere

    Your Favorite Power Amplifier that you have ever owned or currently own and what makes it your favorite

    My Powersoft 2404 + DSP & Armonia software 4 x 600W with control of crossover, EQ , current limiting, tuning, delay all built in!!
  2. Nigel Pickmere

    Amp upgrade for JBL M2 (would be submitted for testing)

    I wish I was a representative of Powersoft ! No just a very satisfied user.
  3. Nigel Pickmere

    Amp upgrade for JBL M2 (would be submitted for testing)

    Check out Powersoft Quatrocanali 2404 and Armonia + DSP Armonia is a free DSP down load from Powersoft . You can also use Smaart V8 to hone frequency response in the DSP.
  4. Nigel Pickmere

    A wishlist of gear to be reviewed by Amir

    POWERSOFT Quattrocanali 2404 with Armonia Plus DSP
  5. Nigel Pickmere

    Peace-EQ 2 speakers

    You can save the settings (bottom left) and rename them for whatever source you are listen too. The top pane is before the mixer sliders. The third pane will show the mix slider settings. The mix slider settings will add to the first pane filter settings. I have saved filter settings for...
  6. Nigel Pickmere

    Peace-EQ 2 speakers

    Deprogrammed Click on the "Commands" button (right middle of display) and copy paste your text into the top pane. You will only need to copy the filters with values > ignore filters with "none" Good luck!
  7. Nigel Pickmere

    RIP Onkyo..

    I have tried to get a TX NR555 SMPS pcb for a client world wide with no success! Buyer be ware! Your ONKYO purchase may be heading to the rubbish bin!
  8. Nigel Pickmere

    Onkyo TX-RZ50 Review (Home Theater AVR)

    Just hope it never breaks down because spare parts are impossible to find!
  9. Nigel Pickmere

    Out for a few more days

    Amir Speedy recovery to your wife and your flood situation! We are about to be hit with a "tropical" cyclone in New Zealand and all hope to not be in your situation in a few days time. All the best from "downunder"
  10. Nigel Pickmere

    Exciting news from Onkyo and Pioneer: TX-RZ70/ VSX-LX705, TX-RZ9/VSX-LX905 = Auro 3D + DLBC!

    Just hope your new ONKYO never breaks down! Spare partS not available in Australia or New Zealand!! Any clues where to find a SMPS pcb for a ONKYO NX TR555 ?
  11. Nigel Pickmere

    Share your in-room measurements?

    POWERSOFT Armonia + has a direct input for Smaart V8 but I am happy with the frequency response as is considering my 72 year old ears with tinnitus!! Armonia + Smaart V8 is used to fine tune major outdoor concerts ie Red Hot Chili Peppers etc & Dave Rat etc see
  12. Nigel Pickmere

    Share your in-room measurements?

    Could'nt attach mdat but impulse attached , 8.81 mSec distance = speed of sound x microphone distance from speaker? Waveform @ 1/48 smoothing
  13. Nigel Pickmere

    Share your in-room measurements?

    Attached is my LP response for my small 2.5 x 4.8 x 2.4 music studio. LP = 3.36M from speaker Powered via 1 x 4 ch 800W POWERSOFT QUATTROCANALI 2404 + DSP and Dante. DSP control via POWERSOFT Armonia +. Crossover @ 3500Hz 48dB Butterworth gain adjusted for balance. Amp outputs current limited...
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