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    "Unsquash" dome tweeter at home?

    I used a double side adhesiv that I pulled gently after placing it on the stamped area. It was for a woofer durst cap that looked like a dome tweeter.
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    Dolby Atmos Critique Video

    Ben Jordan video was very informative. Audio systems are moving from a channel base decoding to an object base. Not a big deal: it is just a technical evolution. For now my system is only channel based: one day I will have to upgrade it. As listening music is a personal hobby, there will always...
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    How good / bad is MDF for use in speaker cabinets?

    I got a center speaker from Jamo that is made in aluminum. Sound is amazing. There is not any parasitic vibration.
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    Is baffle shape really important? What about these ideas?

    If manufacturers want a classic and low cost rectangular shape cabinets, at least they can place round corners. And Philarmonic Audio is showing us that it is possible to have beautiful rounded cabinets that provide a great sound quality.
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    The "other" German Speaker Manufacturers (Canton, Magnat, Heco, Quadral, ...) - Where do they stand?

    It is good news: Canton is not using any more the white ceramic drivers. Let us wait for some measurements.
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    Dr Olive is not happy with how Dolby Atmos is mixed

    My AVR (Yamaha RX-A700) is not able to do it with a 96/24 stereo input. I may have to change it but will lose Dolby Pro Logic II with its adjustable center spread.
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    Dr Olive is not happy with how Dolby Atmos is mixed

    @iGude There is an easy way to guet some sound going out from the center channel. From a stereo input signal, an AVR will use its DSP to generate a 5.0 channel. In my case I am using Amazon music HD in DD+ and Dolby pro-logic II with center wide on an old AVR. The result is far better than...
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    Dr Olive is not happy with how Dolby Atmos is mixed

    Is Atmos a real progress when discrete speakers are used (i.e. 5.1) at the specified placement?
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    I want to buy a capacitance test meter.

    A B&K precision LRC meter is able to measure at various frequencies.
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    NC252MP (class D) vs. A250W4R (classAB) burst measurements into 4ohm//2.2uF load

    "Is this tweeter fed directly by a power amp or through a passive crossover?" I measured the tweeter alone to be able to design a new passive crossover.
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    NC252MP (class D) vs. A250W4R (classAB) burst measurements into 4ohm//2.2uF load

    @pma Your last measurements confirm that with a complex load a class D amp has an increased distortion in the high frequencies when power level is going up. It is easy to guess what would be the result with a real tweeter: mine has a capacitance of 3.0 uF @1khz and 735 nF at 10kHz. Inductance...
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    Integra DRX-8.4

    @FFROCK After your high SPL test could you confirm that the DRX-8.4 is more powerful than the RZ50, without any distortion?
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    B&O best audio builder? Your opinion?

    To me B&O is to sound the equivalent of Apple for the phone market. Design and marketing are top notch. They succeeded to get a large number of followers part of a kind of cult. B&O started before Apple became famous, also may be B&O is the original business model.
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    Integra DRX-8.4

    @ban25, how is the sound of the Integra compared to your Denon? Are you able to crank up the volume of the DRX 8.4? I hope that it is a more powerful AVR than the Onkyo RZ50 (nanny issue).
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    So my Focal Aria 948 is dead

    Guys, I am very sorry for your damaged crossover boards/connection. It seems that Focal is not taking care enough about reliability. Electrical connection and mechanical fixture are two different subjects. Parts need to be fixed as to as to be able to support shipping: this is why glue/brackets...
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    Why is your audio bad

    "What would be ideal, and what some labels and artists have started to do, is two provide different masters on physical and digital media." My guess is that a service as Amazon HD is exactly existing for that purpose: proposing better quality/dynamic soundtrack. Will the sound engineering...
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    Have Slim Floorstanding Speakers "Had Their Day?"

    I remember when in the 80's it was commun to get speakers similar in size to the Wharfedale Dovedale. It was very useful to young people making parties. Then the column speakers arrived, with a huge physical advantage about living room integration, but also a bad reputation of shoe box like...
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    NC252MP (class D) vs. A250W4R (classAB) burst measurements into 4ohm//2.2uF load

    "what qualitatively different or new insight do we get by running an amp into a complex load like this?" Answer is simple: closest to reality is the qualification test, more accurate is the rating of the amplifiers. Let us take the analogy with cars. Would you rate them only with a 0-60mph...
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    Audiophiles, generally don't like class D amps!

    "Why...(Class D for low and mid drivers, Class AB for treble)?" The answer can be very short: because Genelec does not want any issue in the high frequencies that may occur when using one Class D amp for all speakers. Remember my first post: I was proposing the same using the bi-amping inputs of...
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    The future doesn't seem hopeful for us

    "Poverty has gone" This was before Covid. Now millions of people died, life expectancy is shorter in many countries, and food shortage is at the menu thanks to Russia attacking Ukraine. What is next? About our hobby we got the components shortage followed by AVR price bumping up. Hopefully a...
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