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  1. DMill

    Elac Carina BS243.4 Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    i really love that Lyngdorf. Just wish it had a tiny bit more power, but that feature set is one of the best for an integrated amp, and it’s probably fine with the Carinas 99% of the time. Damn nice amp imo. I’m considering some Oulaw monoblocks For the Carinas, I’ll post here if I pull the trigger.
  2. DMill

    Elac Carina BS243.4 Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    I own them. They like power for sure. Amir noted it in his review. I have a 40w amp that just never felt enough for them, so I now use 100w and it’s a bit better. 200w would not be too much. Other than that I really love these little guys though. Mine included stands for $1k. I have no regrets...
  3. DMill

    Emotiva XPA HC-1 Amplifier Review

    The cost I see in the States is $399. They give a $100 discount of each if you buy 2. So $600 for a pair of them. EDIT: my apologies. I’m looking at a different amp from Emotiva only rated to 200 watts and not tested.
  4. DMill

    Emotiva XPA HC-1 Amplifier Review

    It’s honestly not competitive with what A/B is already doing.
  5. DMill

    Ex-subjectivists on ASR

    Indeed they made much better tape decks than gas powered engines. :)
  6. DMill

    Ex-subjectivists on ASR

    I tend to agree. The first time I heard “In the Mood” by Robert Plant driving to the Keys from Ft. Lauderdale on a friends Nakamichi tape deck I was blown away. We were very stoned and I was 17. I still remember the drum crash in that song almost 30 years later as being what music should sound...
  7. DMill

    Better speakers than my current genelec 8030c for nearfield

    Wow. I envy your ability to choose among the very best speaker designs. You’d really have to audition the KEF R3s in your space to “know” if the will give you what you want. I’ve heard them… they are great and kind of wish I bought them instead of the ELACs I did purchase. But next week...
  8. DMill

    A no-taking-sides, no judgment classification of the 4 types of Audiophile. "The audiophile bestiary".

    I can’t say that I don’t miss the brick and mortar hifi stores. But in hindsight they were mostly a terrible place to demo equipment. Pushy salesman, poorly set up rooms, and crowds made them pretty much a waste of time, at least for speakers. I suppose people with big $$$ could schedule private...
  9. DMill

    A no-taking-sides, no judgment classification of the 4 types of Audiophile. "The audiophile bestiary".

    She is a fine singer but so often used as reference by audiophiles that she has been overplayed to the point of making it hard to listen to her. stairway to heaven is an amazing song, but if I don’t hear it for another 15 years I’d be more than ok with that if you get my drift.
  10. DMill

    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    I added a sub for music, properly crossed at 65Hz for some ELAC bookshelves. Girlfriend said she couldn’t hear it til I cranked it to 120Hz using the SVS app. Tried to tell her the point was not being able to localize the subwoofer. She just thinks I wasted $750. :) Nice girl. Terrible hearing.
  11. DMill

    Andrew Jones MoFi Speakers

    I do appreciate how easy this speaker looks to drive by comparison to most. Seems like another nice design by Jones to me. I see nothing in the measurements to hate on it. By the same token it doesn’t seem to me to be a game changer. Just another solid option amidst many at this price. I have no...
  12. DMill

    Schiit Modius E DAC Review

    Probably right. It’s transparent though, so irrelevant to what we can hear.
  13. DMill

    Knives. Knifethread.

    When we look at an audiophile, we see someone who appreciates an attempt at perfection. So whether that be knives, watches, cars, wine, tv‘s or just about anything really it’s all fair game. I will spend hours researching the best nail clippers for a dog. It’s just who I am and I think many...
  14. DMill

    $30K Budget - On the quest for my "end game" speaker

    We know within human hearing what is accurate. What we don’t know is subjectively what is most pleasing. Nor will we ever know that, it’s completely up to each listener. I personally enjoy my Cary tube amp. But I understand many would find it to be a $4k waste of money full of distortion and...
  15. DMill

    $30K Budget - On the quest for my "end game" speaker

    This is certainly one of the most thoughtful and well articulated posts I’ve read in some time. I’m a bit lost in what you’re trying to say though. Are you saying current measurements only tell a part of the story? And are therefore not scientific? I suppose it then comes to a debate on...
  16. DMill

    Stereophile's Jim Austin disagrees w Atkinson; says tubes have something that can't be measured

    I have a Yamaha SS amp and a Cary tube integrated both running now. I’ve swapped them out and can hear a difference if I were put to a test I think. Both sound good to me though. I think the notion that tubes just absolutely sound like crap is way overstated. I also would not recommend tubes...
  17. DMill

    New to the hobby...question

    It’s a very nice looking room you have. And I’m sure it sounds great. I also use Apple Music and have no complaints.
  18. DMill

    Mackie HR824, repair or rebuild?

    They really all are mostly just parts thrown in a box as far as you are concerned. The engineers have done all the real work to make them sound the way the do. There are a lot of online videos that will help you understand what’s involved refoaming a speaker. If you like DIY projects that...
  19. DMill

    New to the hobby...question

    I would use the sub-out from my amp to hook to your new sub. If SVS recos crossing at 80Hz start there and tweak for more or less thump knowing that it’s only getting a signal from your amp 90Hz or lower. I have the same sub. The only reason to use the speaker level inputs would be if you didn‘t...
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