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    New TAD CE1TX

    That's a pretty serious price increase. I wonder who would pony up that money considering used CR1s have gone for 10-12k in the past.
  2. J

    Bookshelf speakers for metal

    Has some third party measured the LXs yet? The thing with vendor measurements is you never know if its a prototype model (aka best foot forward measurement) rather than production model, and the variance with production models can be quite high.
  3. J

    New TAD CE1TX

    I don't get the value proposition for 32k. TAD's Compact Reference 1 monitor is $37k (aka Fang Bian's personal speakers lol) and has a beryllium tweeter and midrange (arguably overpriced anyway because of the Paradigm Personas, if they didn't have weird FR anomalies). Who would pay 5k less for...
  4. J

    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    Which do you prefer between the Stealth and Susvara? Also have you heard the Expense? Thanks
  5. J

    HD800s Powered by Apple M1 MBP...What am I losing by not using a more powerful amp?

    Apple devices (if they have them) tend to have very good output on their headphone jacks.
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    Ultimate End Game Value Search (HIFIMAN HE1000 V2 vs. Dan Clark Expanse) [New or Used]

    Pretty sure its: v1 = HE1000 v2 = HE1000 v2 v3 = HEK SE v4 = HE1000 Stealth The main reason it seems confusing is that while the HE1000 Stealth is newer, it's cheaper ($1999) and tuned more like the original HE1000s, while the HEK SE is more expensive and tuned more like the Susvara. Both HEK...
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    Stacking DC Blockers?

    I have two of those devices, and the CMX-2 has LEDs to report if grounding/wiring is correct that as well. All of these devices report wiring as correct.
  8. J

    Stacking DC Blockers?

    Interesting. I'll start with getting another DC offset blocker first, because somehow I have a feeling it might be more likely a problem on the voltage side. I didn't actually have this problem until about 2 years ago. I recall years ago I had a line conditioner (APC H15) that did automatic...
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    Stacking DC Blockers?

    What would I be checking for? I've switched cables 3-4 times the last few years because I've moved my equipment around. They were always preterminated cables using banana plugs, so there's no exposed wire.
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    Stacking DC Blockers?

    Yeah I don't have shutdown issues with these amps in other rooms. I have a computer and some laptops and a TV in my bedroom and none of these devices have ever experienced shutdowns either, it only happens with receivers. Powered speakers aren't affected either, I have a pair of Audioengine...
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    Stacking DC Blockers?

    In my bedroom my amplifier keeps shutting down. I've tried 6 different receivers (of different models and brands) and they all have this problem. Basically after idling for about 3-4 hours or so, they go into protection mode and shut down randomly. Sometimes this happens during playback, but...
  12. J

    Sturdy and solid speaker stands for Klasik 2020 with at least 100cm height

    Uh, the cheapest interim solution would probably be a couple of taller end tables or night stands you find at a garage sale or maybe a discount furniture store? Otherwise maybe the 36” Ultimate Support MS-90s are a decent interim solution if they are available in your country.
  13. J

    Sturdy and solid speaker stands for Klasik 2020 with at least 100cm height

    The Space Labs stand is great if you can stomach the price. They certainly are end game stands if you are ok with the appearance. I decided to spruce up the looks with some custom magnetic wood strips over the bare metal parts.
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    Focus - new active Dynaudio speakers

    Sounds like just restating the question, but I guess that's what every internet discussion ends up devolving into, an argument over semantics.
  15. J

    Focus - new active Dynaudio speakers

    I find it odd that Dynaudio decided the Confidence 30 needed a waveguide despite their tweeter mating with a smaller 5.9" woofer, but the Confidence 20, mating with a 7.1" woofer didn't need one. That just seems like counterintuitive design. But your mileage may vary, perhaps you would be...
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    Focus - new active Dynaudio speakers

    It's interesting Dynaudio is still pairing 1" tweeters with 6" woofers and no waveguide. Somehow their flagship bookshelf (Confidence 20) is a 1" tweeter with a 7.1" woofer and still no waveguide, but they decided on giving the floorstander a waveguide on the tweeter. Odd.
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    What's Left In Speaker Design To Reduce Distortion/Increase Detail Retrieval?

    A 3-way coaxial that can cross over with the woofers lower, that way vocals don't get split between bass/midrange multiple drivers. I always see really high crossover frequencies with the woofer(s). This will probably require more lower sensitivity and more power handling from the midrange...
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    Sennheiser 800 HD still the best neutral openback for $1000 used?

    The funny thing is el cheapo $20-100 headphones are generally very comfortable, no matter what the design is, because most of them have very little clamping pressure, on top of not weighing much. The typical el-cheapo headphone has about 0.25-0.5lb of clamping pressure, whereas “audiophile”...
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    2 Way Speakers : 8 inch woofer directivity question.

    Dynaudio claims the little dip around their tweeter is a waveguide lol. The only Dynaudio I can see with a real "traditional" waveguide is the Confidence floorstander.
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