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    Question regarding Topping D90(LE/SE) issue with Mac OS

    I just got the Topping D90LE and Topping A90D and I hook up my MacBook with USB to play music off my Apple Music. I get a weird issue where some custom tacks I added play on super fast forward for some reason. This does not seem to be an issue with tracks downloaded from Apple Music. I also...
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    Does the Topping D90LE support digital vole adjustment from a Mac while in pure Mac mode?

    I have the D90LE in pure DAC mode with the A90 Discreet on XLR with the preamp off. I use my Mac laptop to play music and use a usb c adapter and hook up to the Mac with usb. For some weird reason, sometimes when I connect to the Mac I am able to control the volume sent to the dad from the...
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