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    Metallica 72 Seasons (Death Magnetic II ???)

    That's probably the best sentence to summarise what's wrong with this album, and I'm not talking about the drums.
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    Looking for cheap wireless IEMs.

    Not the first time I see this brand being recommended. I'll definitely check these out.
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    Newbie finding a headphone for tarkov + in general

    One should mention that sound in Tarkov, Counter-Strike, you name it, is broken. Having something better than a 560S won't help you. IEMs are good for games but having something in your ears for 5 or 6 hours straight isn't the greatest feeling. Also, the problem with a compressor in those kind...
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    Looking for cheap wireless IEMs.

    Hello, so I'm looking for a pair of cheap wireless IEMs that will mostly be plugged into my smartphone. I'm not sure what the price range usually is for those things, but below €50 would be perfect. Also, I live in Europe (France) and I'd like to avoid importing from Aliexpress or Drop as...
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    Newbie finding a headphone for tarkov + in general

    The 560S is a good recommendation. I used to play CS, Quake, etc a lot and the main thing you want for games is a decent soundstage. Hearing fatigue is easy to get with headphones with a narrow soundstage, so I'd also say the 560S is the obvious and best choice.
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    The Death of Windows 10

    Download Rufus (a program that helps mounting the ISO), select "no TPM and / or Secure boot", done.
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    Budget HD800? Soundstage & comfort recommendation, please!

    Surprised not one mentioned the HD 598s. When it comes to comfort they are unbeatable and soundstage is on the big/large side.
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    HDD vs SSD for recording & mixing

    Between a HDD and an SSD (SATA or NVMe), I've seen a huge difference with Kontakt libraries, Omnisphere 2 and the like. For a mixing session, no difference at all since plug-ins depend on the CPU, RAM, etc, but have nothing to do with the drive you use. Export time doesn't seem that different...
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    Headphones and the Harman target curve

    I don't think that's how science works, especially when both the Sennheiser HD 600/650 match the Harman curve pretty well.
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    The Truth About Music Streaming

    That's assuming all CDs cost the same while buying only brand new albums. There is a second-hand market where you can find pretty much anything for less than $5. Also, with Spotify you "get access to", but you don't own anything and "you" also feed a system that is known to be quite terrible for...
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    How to discover new music?

    Glad it helped!
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    The Truth About Music Recording

    If we include home studios, I read a post in a French forum not too long ago by someone who made an unofficial survey, based on the numbers they could find (e.g. number of downloads per day for each DAW, turnover, etc), and it was very clear that FL Studio alone had more users than Cubase, Live...
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    The Truth About Music Recording

    And yet... Even the guys from Pro Tools Expert talk more about S1 than PT.
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    The Truth About Music Recording

    It should be mentionned that Pro Tools is more and more abandoned, thanks to Avid's policy and the fact that it's an outdated software outside of film scoring. Reaper, Cubase and Studio One are slowly but surely replacing it. Also, I'd argue about the "high spec computer" part, because...
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    Arturia Minifuse 2 Review (Audio Interface)

    That's weird. I used to own the L30 and it didn't make a single difference compared to my Focusrite 2i4. It was just louder.
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    What headphones would you like Amir to measure next?

    HyperX Cloud II and Logitech G Pro X . Gamers buy these headphones all the time and I'm really wondering how it measures.
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    Best dac amp for hd6xx + iem?

    In terms of sound, zero difference. It'd give you more volume in case you'd need it.
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    Best dac amp for hd6xx + iem?

    The real question you should ask yourself is, do you need to spend that much? The answer is no, especially in a world where Topping exist.
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