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    DSP for adding intentional Harmonic Distortion

    Well...there are ways to use VSTs on linux like LinVST and Carla. Not sure if anyone has done it with PKHarmonic but it might be worth a try.
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    How to test your device for EMI noise with an oscilloscope

    How good or bad is the very cheap rtl-sdr option in comparison?
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    Why are single drivers disliked to such an extent by most in this forum?

    It's been a while since I looked, but I think I went through most of the Cotswold and Tectonic datasheets. Some of them have 3rd party measurements too, like the tiny Tectonic: Line arrays were...
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    Why are single drivers disliked to such an extent by most in this forum?

    @Jazzman53 details another approach to electrostatic segmentation at - approximating a narrow line source at high frequencies and widening the line as the frequency drops. In that implementation it then crosses over to a cone for the bass, but in principle...
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    How not to ship stuff

    Make a bike box look like it might contain a TV, reduce shipping damage by 70-80%
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    Beer thread, what you drinkin..

    Just curious - is there a way to measure IBU for homebrew without a lab, or is it calculated?
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    Loxjie A30 Amplifier Review

    I assume it's ethernet over powerline - to the owner they emit 'signal' onto the powerline, but to nearby radio amateurs they can be quite an intrusive noise source. I suppose it could be something like X10 for home automation though. An inline mains filter to the Loxjie might help, but...
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    Why does so much High End audio not use balanced connections?

    In small portable devices with limited power supply rails the extra voltage swing can help power output into high impedance headphones. It's a pretty small niche use case though.
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    Motu 624 vs Motu MK5 (in 2023)

    You shouldn't be getting dropouts with any of them. I'd be looking at the computer as the problem.
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    EQ Software for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS/iPadOS and Android. Since it's essentially camilladsp on linux with a USB device for the input and output it shouldn't be too hard to apply to other boards, or...
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    Why are single drivers disliked to such an extent by most in this forum?

    If it's not inherent it's tricky enough to solve that nobody has brought one to market yet. From the measurements I've seen, the ones that are large enough to have half-way acceptable bass get messy at the high end, and the ones that do reasonably at the high end can't go much deeper than mid...
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    Why are single drivers disliked to such an extent by most in this forum?

    It has come up before, probably in one of those. They have a wider dispersion than a similarly sized pistonic driver at high frequencies, but it is still somewhat variable with peaks and troughs in off axis response moving around as the frequency changes. These may be narrow enough not to matter...
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    Opinions on Hypex Plate (FusionAMP) Amplifiers?

    It's never good when manufacturers make a significant change to a product without changing its model name/number, but at least they're answering the question for those who have worked out that it might need asking.
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    Why are single drivers disliked to such an extent by most in this forum?

    This subject comes around again every so often. These should cover it:
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    A comparison of convolution engines

    Does count? Some more background in Any reason not to include PulseEffects / EasyEffects as mentioned earlier, or did it just get lost in between the full Pi OS options and the CamillaDSP bits...
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    Fairbuds XL

    And Sennheiser are unusually good at offering spare parts, although I never found them all at the same stockist.
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    Difference between, and which is better for a power Amplifier: TPA 3255, Infineon MA5332MS, Infineon MA 12070

    The chips each 'better' at different things, but for choosing an end product that's the wrong question anyway. The important part is how the designer/manufacturer has used them, so look at the end result not the bits that went into making it.
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    A comparison of convolution engines

    I'm not clear where you're drawing the line between a convolver engine and something that happens to include or use one. This probably affects the linux side more as there is a tendency to split functionality down into smaller units rather than bundle everything into a monolithic application...
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    CamillaDSP User Interface Alternatives

    Unless you're after the ones built into players like volumio or moode, is the only one I've seen. I haven't tried it. Most of the other tools on github are CLI, like
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