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  1. DuxServit

    Need help choosing a good quality Music Server to rip my 400 CD's

    @BlackH20 The computer used to rip the CDs can be a different computer for the server. I use a cheap Windows PC computer, and dbPowerAmp Ripper that saves automatically into FLAC files. The computer just has a small disk drive (1TBytes). Cost around $300...
  2. DuxServit

    Abyss Diana V2 2nd Review (Headphone)

    The young Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha are buying mobile devices and headphones. That’s where the market is.
  3. DuxServit

    Apple lossless official announcement

    I was referring more to the UI/UX perspective and the delivery architecture (i.e. bridge, endpoints, etc.).
  4. DuxServit

    Apple lossless official announcement

    Apple should've acquire Roon ;)
  5. DuxServit

    Masaaki Suzuki's Stax headphone

    The slim cable is very noticeable, as most of the older Stax I've seen use the ribbon type cable.
  6. DuxServit

    Masaaki Suzuki's Stax headphone

    The plastic looking headbands look like classic SR-Lambdas. But I was thinking how the headphone could last so long in a recording studio (with many hands & heads).
  7. DuxServit

    Masaaki Suzuki's Stax headphone

    For fans of classical music and specifically Bach, you will probably have heard of Masaaki Suzuki and his Cantatas project. In the Bach special issue of Gramophone magazine, there is a photo (attached) of Suzuki-sensei wearing a Stax headphone in the recording studio. I looked-up the liner...
  8. DuxServit

    Geshelli Archel2.5 Pro Review (headphone amplifier)

    My Archel2 is still running strong. It’s my daily go to amp.
  9. DuxServit

    HD6XX and Drop question

    Occasionally Amazon-US has the HD650 for under $300. Just need to keep an eye.
  10. DuxServit

    Help and ideas for ASR Merchandize

    I want an ASR coffee mug to show off in my endless zoom meetings.
  11. DuxServit

    Why do people like/use Roon?

    There might be some confusion is this thread between Roon as a software and DSPs (like Spotify and Tidal) as content providers. I can equally complain about Tidal and Spotify not supporting device bridges, EQ, in stream conversion, support for DSD & 96/24, etc. etc. But I know that Tidal &...
  12. DuxServit

    Superlux HD668B Review (headphone)

    So far, it seems all headphones do better with EQ. Perhaps empirical evidence may tell us the majority of headphones need EQ.
  13. DuxServit

    Tom Christiansen Audio HPA-10 Review (Headphone Amp)

    Just love that maple leaf logo at north part of the board :D Congrats @tomchr
  14. DuxServit

    Sennheiser HD650 Review (Headphone)

    I've been playing with Amir's PEQ values for the HD650. I must say that my HD650 sounds much better than my own PEQ settings (more "bassy" for those tunes that have bass/thumps).
  15. DuxServit

    List of Amir's Headphone PEQ filters

    Thanks @sweetchaos — this really helps.
  16. DuxServit

    Thank you ASR for a great year in audio measurements

    Despite being a pandemic & lockdown year, Amir & ASR managed considerable progress in its mission: (a) More DACs and amps being measured; (b) Speakers being measured (with Amir burdening the cost of the Klippel & related tools); (c) Headphones begun to be measured, with the HD800S and Focal...
  17. DuxServit

    Are There Any Good Remasters?

    Deutsche Grammophon has a number of good ones out on blu-ray discs. Many are a great improvement over the previous CD versions.
  18. DuxServit

    Hifiman HE400i Review (planar headphone)

    Best quote of the day :D
  19. DuxServit

    Amir should setup a YouTube channel for more income source

    @Amir This is a great start. Perhaps you don’t need to video yourself, as this method seems to already communicate enough information to the audience.
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