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    New McIntosh MA352 cant drive Dynaudio Heritage Special loud - why not?

    I had a quick look at the manual for the MA352 and it has "Trim" controls to adjust the sensitivity for incoming signals. I would check those settings because it sounds like you have your DAC at max output already. Good luck!
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    Schiit Magnius Balanced Headphone Amp Review

    Yes. The RCA and XLR inputs are separate and chosen by the selector button. The RCA and XLR outputs are both active when either input is selected.
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    Why the dislike of external power supplies?

    External power supplies are inferior to internal power supplies because the output impedance of the PSU includes the wire between said supply and amplifier. If the output stage draws 1amp for instance, during a music signal, you will create a fluctuating voltage drop (E=I x R) that will be...
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    Is something going on with L7audiolab?

    I can recall the owner of the site commenting on cancer treatments, so I am concerned that something may have happened to him. I hope that whatever is up with the site, he is ok.
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    Amazing Experiment

    It didn't work on me, I guessed the King :).
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    Budget passive preamp with stepped attenuator?

    I'm glad you are finding a solution to your problem. I think the main problem is the Aiyima A07, which has a much higher gain than many of the specs for the amp would have you believe. The gain when Amir tested it was just over 29db. I have an A07 as well as several other amps that have various...
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    Budget passive preamp with stepped attenuator?

    That's correct. The gain of the amplier is determined by the amount of negative feedback and the gain of the individual stages, not the power supply voltage. If the power supply is better, it may lower the noise but not the signal.
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    Budget passive preamp with stepped attenuator?

    If you reduce the operating voltage the maximum power will be reduced and everything else, except longevity (it should last longer running at a lower voltage), will remain the same. That is if you are using a psu with equivalent quality to the stock supply. If you use a higher quality psu, with...
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    Budget passive preamp with stepped attenuator?

    The gain of the Aiyima A07 is not dependent on the operating voltage. The operating voltage will affect the maximum power the amplifier can produce but the gain won't change.
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    Schiit Magnius Balanced Headphone Amp Review

    A bit of an update to my comments on the Magnius after having used it for a two weeks. I did some more experimentation with various DACs that have been a problem in my system with RF/ground loops. The balanced DAC's worked perfectly quietly when the balanced connection to the power amp was used...
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    How to shield RCA to XLR cables from noise (auto power off on speakers won't work)

    I'm using an SMSL DO100 and drive a Crown XLS 1500 with it. I heard the pops etc when the source changed on my computer. I have now added a Schiit Magnius between the SMSL and the Crown. That has fixed all my problems and gives me a good analog volume control which I much prefer to the multiple...
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    dB-A or dB-C?

    As I understand it, for hearing protection you should only use unweighted measurements. The weightings are designed to compensate for human hearing at various volumes but our ears don't care how we perceive the volume, they are damaged by a certain sound pressure level. Just because we perceive...
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    Peachtree GAN400 Amplifier Review

    Thank you for the review, Amir. I found the test interesting. I'm now starting to understand why I like the Crown XLS 1500 over many other amps that have a better SINAD. The Peachtree GAN amplifier has a higher SINAD but apparently it is only lower in noise than the Crown. The multitone for the...
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    Schiit Magnius Balanced Headphone Amp Review

    I received my Magnius this morning and have it connected to an SMSL DO100 balanced output and it is driving a Crown XLS 1500. There is no noise now, even with my ear to the JBL A130's, with the Crown gain controls set to maximum and the SMSL at 100%. Finally the RF/Ground loops have been...
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    Schiit Magnius Balanced Headphone Amp Review

    I finally ordered a Schiit Magnius. I will use it primarily as a volume control between various balanced DAC's and a Crown XLS 1500 driving JBL A130's. It is from a PC and I am EQ'ing the speakers. Currently I am using a Schiit Heresy for the same purpose but it is plagued with RF, ground loops...
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    Topping D70S fried my speakers...

    It's been over a year and no noise has returned, but no guarantees I guess.
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    Topping D70S fried my speakers...

    I also had quite a bit of noise with my Heresy volume pot but I opened it up and sprayed cleaner into it and twisted it back a forth a bit. It's been perfect ever since. I wasn't sure if there was really an opening that would allow the cleaner to enter the pot, but apparently there was.
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    Poll for Topping PA5 owners only please.

    My PA5 is about a year old now and still works fine. I thought it was going bad once, but disconnecting and reconnecting the TRRS connectors fixed the issue so I would recommend trying that before giving up.
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    Topping D70S fried my speakers...

    My solution to this problem is the use of a Schiit Heresy as an analog volume control between my DAC and power amp. For balanced systems the Schiit Magneus does the same. They are simply decent alps controls buffered by the output stage. Cheap and no mess, no fuss.
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    What's the last word on audio cable?

    For speaker wires I just use whatever decent copper wire that is thick enough to provide low impedance. For interconnects, for balanced I use high quality pro cables from the music store. I tried a couple of their less expensive balanced cables and the poor quality of the connectors showed, with...
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