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  1. Badunn

    KEF Ci200RR-THX In-ceiling/In-Wall Speaker Review

    Great review as always… but unless you live in an environment where your only option is an in-wall / ceiling speaker for music playback - min $2k outlay for atmos is ridiculous, given what atmos delivers. I use very basic tannoy and wharfedale ’cube’ type speakers firing upwards toward the...
  2. Badunn

    Greenwave EMI Meter Review

    I have a thick sweat top that definately improves the sound quality of my system when I wearing it. Absorbency properties to die for. Friends and relatives agree with me. 30 tog too! Saves on heating bills. Double benefits!! Amir… your address please… test It quickly and publish as goes on sale...
  3. Badunn

    Eleven XIAudio Broadway Headphone Amp Review

    If a company produces a component that measures (ie performs) significantly worse than an alternative costing less than 15 times the price - then you have to seriously ask questions of what that company is trying to achieve. This unit is also devastatingly devoid of design appeal and...
  4. Badunn

    V-Moda M200 Headphone Review

    I would have thought, with the relatively limited variables to fathom out (ie no room correction needed - just peoples lug and head size) we should be getting close to solving the headphone conundrum, just as the DAC [godbless SMSL et al] problem has been solved. Just look at the bling keeping...
  5. Badunn

    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Review (Amplifier)

    Well I just pushed the button on an A07. It will take the amplifier duties from my Arcam SR250 using it's pre out. At £80 from Amazon I figured it's worth a punt. I had to seek advice on how to wire my BK active subs (hi level stereo pair) but that's now been sorted with help from REL helpline...
  6. Badunn

    Buckeye 3 Channel Purifi Amp Review

    I'm pretty handy with an adjustable metric spanner and a glass hammer when required so no issues with the modular replacement side of things. Is there a UK price list?
  7. Badunn

    Buckeye 3 Channel Purifi Amp Review

    Wow. What a review (almost) and what customer service! I'd be onto this amp like a pigeon on a chip if it was a UK based delivery. Out of curiosity @Buckeye Amps how does UK warranty work?
  8. Badunn

    SMSL D400EX DAC Review

    Great Review Amir! Topping and SMSL just knocking other DAC manufacturers out of the park. This one a bit pricier so the performance/value ratio a bit lower but my godness, I'm glad I discovered ASR as I feel I've been duped with my previous chord (and less so IFI) dacs. I'm so desperate to try...
  9. Badunn

    Ladder Schumann R2R DAC Review

    If this DAC offers no sonic benefit over SOTA Topping / SMSL offerings that are at a fraction of the price then it's a bad showing. It's input / output options aren't even anything to write home about. Looks are a matter of taste as well (YMMV on that last comment of course)
  10. Badunn

    PS Audio Power Plant 3 AC Regen Review (Video)

    So… nothing more than a door stop on a windy day! Great review!
  11. Badunn

    Topping L70 Headphone Amp Review

    Great video! Totally get it now. Felt like you were talking to me directly as well …is that weird?! :D
  12. Badunn

    Topping L70 Headphone Amp Review

    I’m only using the term stated. Manufacturers should be clearer if either one or the other.
  13. Badunn

    Topping L70 Headphone Amp Review

    I’m taking from your response then that sound quality with the sabaj compared to the smsl direct made minimal, if any, improvement.
  14. Badunn

    Topping L70 Headphone Amp Review

    Am I going to get a notable improvement if I connect my SMSL C200 to it balanced, and listen through the balanced headphone output? And this is not about volume or power. My phones are open modded monoprice 1060C. I am just so confused over the ‘balanced’ headphone output benefits. And I’m...
  15. Badunn

    Douk Audio U5 Balanced XLR headphone amp

    @amirm … this little box of trickery up for a test any time soon? Seems too cheap to be true. I‘m still confused if balanced headphone outputs are mere myth or true legend.
  16. Badunn

    Schiit Magni Heretic Headphone Amp Review

    Better job of socket alignment on the back compared to the modi+ These designs, with no bells and whistles, just the simplest audio path, are now realising the straight wire with gain objective. When are the ‘hi end’ manufacturers going to realise they are no longer, or ever have been, hi end...
  17. Badunn

    Schiit Modi+ DAC Review

    Clearly built to a price. No DSD not an issue for me. I’d rather play an originally mastered flac with good dynamic range than more modern remastered DSD stuff that’s had the dynamic range sucked out of it. YMMV of course The back of the unit looks like a 10 year old wearing an eye patch was in...
  18. Badunn

    Paris Audio Video Show 2022

    Yep can’t disagree. And the article by @VintageFlanker is awash with some great photos of fabulous looking eye candy. I’m all for good design and I’ll make the assumption, in the interests of fairness and not being too negative, that a majority displayed would stand up to measured scrutiny.
  19. Badunn

    Paris Audio Video Show 2022

    This sort of stuff should be illegal. What fools do they think we are. I’d just stamp on them.
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