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  1. posvibes

    Best 'Bang for your buck' IEM - Poll

    Couldn't agree more, and I too voted for the 7Hz zero despite my love for Crinacle zero, bang for buck is Salnotes 7 from those that I have heard in the list.
  2. posvibes

    Best 'Bang for your buck' IEM - Poll

    Yep, as soon as I started typing I knew it wasn't going to end well. The things we do for audiophilia.
  3. posvibes

    Best 'Bang for your buck' IEM - Poll

    @Jimbob54 these arrived a few minutes ago and they fit, and as I suspected tight but doable. You probably already know but you sort of turn them inside out, I add just a touch of spit on the tube hole end of the flange hole and then starting at the edge twist and downward push over the lug. The...
  4. posvibes

    Best 'Bang for your buck' IEM - Poll

    The Blue Truthear Crinacle Zero's and the Salnotes, and you are right those lugs, damn? I have a feeling the triple flanges came with either a Klipsch IEM or a very old Etymotic model I had I can't remember. I have two sets, one is a little longer than the other, but both do the job. They...
  5. posvibes

    Best 'Bang for your buck' IEM - Poll

    I haven't had a lot of experience with IEM's, but have had a handful with no great success, mainly due to ill fitting tips. Of the list I can only speak to the Truthear Blues and the Salnotes both of which are phenomenal out of the box, but in the thread on the Salnotes, there is a PEQ offered...
  6. posvibes

    Truthear x Crinacle Zero:RED IEM Review

    When they are available to Australia, I'm getting a pair, every time I plug the zero's in my ear it is just a thrill. Good on you Crinacle, good on you Amir!
  7. posvibes

    7hz Salnotes Zero - the "other" Zero

    7Hz Salnotes, with and without EQ have now moved into second position behind the Truthear Crinacle, displacing the Hexa's to a distant third, as I grow used to their sound.
  8. posvibes

    7hz Salnotes Zero - the "other" Zero

    Wow, now this a whole other beast with this EQ setting. I am definitely a Hartman junkie.
  9. posvibes

    7hz Salnotes Zero - the "other" Zero

    So I have had the Salnotes 7Hz for a couple of weeks. It took me a little while to find tips that fitted my ear firstly and secondly fit the Salnotes, it took some doing going through my collection of disparate and previously discarded tips. But I found a pair that were a bugger to fit, they...
  10. posvibes

    Latest Guttenberg Video talks about measurements

    If Amir was to keep it real tight, Topping DAC/solid state amplifier/Denon Receiver for instance because of trust and relationships already formed to close down the nonsense stuff , less controversy easier for the message to get through.
  11. posvibes

    Sonos Era
  12. posvibes

    7hz Salnotes Zero - the "other" Zero

    I never, ever thought I would end up at high-end hi-fi at the end of a twined IEM Cable, a cheap smart phone and Spotify streaming service. I have the Hexa's, prefer the Zero's, but can't tell you specifically why, and will get a pair of the Salnotes for risk amelioration just in case in the...
  13. posvibes

    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    I have been listening very closely to on the Crinacle Truthear Zero's for the last few days, glorious recordings and such a pleasure to listen to with these small wonderful IEM's. Endgame for me. In my experience IEM's make the soundstage larger for orchestral performances than headphones...
  14. posvibes

    The Mandalorian - Season 3

    Even I didn't mind series 1 & 2, but the pirates, the quick draw and then the utterly unexpected, surprising, who woulda thunk it chase through an asteroid belt, I mean who saw that one coming eh? That's when turned it off. I shamefully admit I was kinda barracking for the giant crocodile to...
  15. posvibes

    The Mandalorian - Season 3

    With entire galaxies to explore, a multitude of civilizations to interact with and technology that makes it all possible the earthbound TV writers once again prove that human imagination cannot get beyond the car chase and gunfight.
  16. posvibes

    How do you hear headphone 'soundstage'

    Excellent, just excellent! I think you may have just invented a new audiophile product, disconnected headphones that you wear for a real binaural experience. We've all been there or similar places.
  17. posvibes

    How to keep the sound from neighbours?

    Ask if you can play your music at the volume they complained about while you are in their apartment.
  18. posvibes

    YouTube Audio Reviewer Tier List - Jan 2023 Edition

    I ended up here to get away from all of the other.
  19. posvibes

    I'm a bit amazed by this response I got to a post I did on Facebook...

    I have very recently convinced myself one again that vinyl is no longer for me, it hasn't been for me for a long, long while., but spurred on by some of the discussions taking place here, I drag it out and give it a listen and then pack it up and put it away again. But I am one of those guys...
  20. posvibes

    The Truth About Vinyl Records

    You could, as we all do, often and in issues and circumstances vitally more important than a vinyl vs digital debate, use rationality to argue for rational justification for the irrational, which I think you have done here in offering such a scenario in regards to a cable. One can find and...
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