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  1. Biagiod

    Quality speakers for classical music with high output/volume

    well.. i would not consider this an ethical behavior.. I do not know which kind of business you are in, but evidently you are NOT in speaker manufacturing. Or any manufacturing. Just TRY to imagine if all customers will be like you. Will drive price of speakers (or electronics or anything...
  2. Biagiod

    Neohipo DA300 Amplifier Review. A Bluetooth Version of the Aiyima A07?

    Nice review with nice pictures and graphs. Congrats for a job well done and for sharing info on A07 Pro....
  3. Biagiod

    Hypex Nilai500DIY Amplifier Review

    Are you THAT naive? Are you POSITIVE you are willing to judge amps differences thru YOUTUBE not even knowing the setup? .. tonal differences coming thru?.. Nilai vs Purifi vs ICE. If we hear TONAL differences thru youtube I just can't imagine what kind of HUGE differences could be heard...
  4. Biagiod

    proposing adding a new measurement/graph to speaker reviews

    Hi Amirm (and all others..) I would like to propose adding a new graph/measurement to the already long.. list of Klippel NFS you are so kind to publish. I know it means extra time, but I believe the THD % at 86 and 96 and 86 and 96 dbSPL do not tell the whole story. On a different forum I find...
  5. Biagiod

    Aperion N5T Speaker Review

    ... yes.. 50 is at -2/3 db... your are right.. major difference
  6. Biagiod

    Aperion N5T Speaker Review

    Mah... As Amir says you have 50hz at 0 db, 40 hz at -5 db and 32 hz at - 10... all at very low distortion and/or high SPL. Just plainly impossible to get them with a small speaker.
  7. Biagiod

    Akai GX-620 Reel to Reel Tape Deck Measurements

    I totally agree. Frequency response is not adequate nor macthes Akai specifications. I expect a bit more from a reel to reel recorder, even if 40 years old. A Nak cassette recorder performed much better than today results, which can't simply be. from 1983...
  8. Biagiod

    GR Research B24 AC Cord Review

    Tom. You seem to have a real attitude towards Amir and ASR. I have no idea where it comes from but sure your comments go beyond plain good manners. Granted world is full of people like you who just complain for the sake of it, but sure it is disturbing reading your contentious posts in this...
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