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  1. outfaced

    Genelec 8361A vs 8351B

    Have both ...use only GLM - does the job better. Dirac over GLM is worse. Didnt tested properly GLM over dirac tough. I mean it depends which is first.
  2. outfaced

    Genelec 8351B Review (Studio Monitor)

    fair enough, the acoustics of the room is not something you can ignore or subtract. However, some specifics I think are felt regardless of it. I got in terms of resolution better bass response from the genelecs in my more disadvantageous room (small and no bass traps) but on the other hand I...
  3. outfaced

    Genelec 8351B Review (Studio Monitor)

    more like a clear distinguishability of parts of the music that are prominent in front and a such that are background and all in between. Could say depth also but is not exactly like this, because depth in physical sence is combined with more reverberation and not only lower levels of...
  4. outfaced

    Genelec 8351B Review (Studio Monitor)

    I had the opportunity the other day to hear the d&d 8c and indirectly compare with my 8351B. The comparison, besides being indirect, is also a bit unfair, because the 8c were in a perfectly treated room with dimensions well above mine and the speakers themselves were placed more than a meter and...
  5. outfaced

    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor) About the interesting topic Dirac vs GLM. Because i didn't get the GLM kit right away and also was actually convinced that Dirac must be more than enough I listened my 8351B for few...
  6. outfaced

    Genelec 8351B Review (Studio Monitor)

    If the sound after using ext. dac is different from over straight digital connection, then this dac has a own sound, and is not neutral. Doesn't matter after all if you like it more, but the straight digital connection is in physical way the purest one. Straight digital is also not completely...
  7. outfaced

    Neumann KH420 Review (Studio Monitor)

    can you make a comparison to some similar Genelecs and what is in your oppinion better on Neumann?
  8. outfaced

    Danley Studio 2

    Ok, that's getting really intriguing ... No one here asking for more :) Pls ... thats not the ASRforum, how i know it. :p
  9. outfaced

    Genelec 8361A Measurements and Multitone comparison with other speakers.

    interesting indeed ... refernce meta 1 with the worst cost/distortion ratio :D the small kali actually quite good for the money good work !
  10. outfaced

    Speaker purchase advice - KEF vs. Genelec vs. ?

    I also use SHD Studio and listen in smaller, but also pretty irregular shaped room ... and had R3 and bevor that also LS50 (not meta). Now i have the 8351B :) and also have to say, that they are the easiest speakers that i had regarding dirac tuning. What is also important ... SF olympica and...
  11. outfaced

    Imaging: coaxial vs. traditional layout

    for me the question is, do you here the difference with on and off and what is like ... more like just different, or really better in any regard when on?
  12. outfaced

    8361A’s - First Impressions

    is just me wondering what are the tubes for ... It seems the 8361 are his gaming speakers :D otherwise with 8351B in room 4*3m i have to EQ the bass down a few dB. Also dont see any need to go bigger with 8361. But ... i auditioned all ones in the genelec center. For me 8341 sounded smaller...
  13. outfaced

    MiniDSP SHD Studio alternatives

    And you really find GLM software better then DIRAC? For me i will phase-align the subs with the mains with GLM, but will leave the rest to DIRAC. Sadly the DIRAC version on SHD studio is not one with sub management. Then will be perfect. But sofar i know and tested there is no phase aligment...
  14. outfaced

    ATC speakers / Monitors

    There is just something in ATC ... cant say what, but even now, when i switched to genelecs, cant deny it. RTM Media city music studio seems to think the same :)
  15. outfaced

    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    The dealer in Berlin told me, they sell meanwhile 50/50 for studio and home :)
  16. outfaced

    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    theoretically Dirac is more sophiticated tool and is doing impulse/time aligment + more felxibale EQ. The tuning of the impulse responce is the main reson for the better imaging after the calibration. But if i foud a GLM kit wil test it for sure.
  17. outfaced

    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    interesting discovery ... the famos blackbird studio had 2019 both - ATC and genelcs
  18. outfaced

    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    Sooo, the story goes on ... Juts to be clear - i am a home audiophile searching for enjoyment from the music and not a studio engineer chasing ideal reproduction. Those two can be pretty far apart. the point is - I don't need 100% real live like reproduction to enjoy the music, or there are...
  19. outfaced

    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    have to correct me a bit ... 8351B playing already in my room and now i can do a proper comparison. Bass on genelec is equally good. A little bit different texture and emphasis here and there, but veeery nice resolving, fast and hefty especially considering the size of the speakers. Mids ...
  20. outfaced

    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    sure ... therefore i like the miniDSP SHD studio - dirac inside :) with the genelcs will have to test what it better ... dirac or glm
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