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  1. DrTebi

    Vinyl will always sound *different* than digital, right?

    Please read the original post carefully and you may realize it is not meant to be yet another vinyl vs digital thread. Nothing "vs" at all.
  2. DrTebi

    Vinyl will always sound *different* than digital, right?

    Thanks for your interesting comment. This was not really what I wanted to get into though... This responds more to what I was asking about... and maybe I could have found the answer in previous posts, but a brief search revealed mostly the typical talk about why digital is better than vinyl...
  3. DrTebi

    Vinyl will always sound *different* than digital, right?

    Note: I am not trying to compare the sound quality of vinyl to digital recordings. I am trying to shed some light onto the fact why some vinyls sound vastly different than their digital counterparts. Not necessarily better, nor worse. Just as if someone mastered them completely differently.
  4. DrTebi

    Vinyl will always sound *different* than digital, right?

    Hello music lovers, After reading the thread The Truth About Vinyl Records, it confirmed to me again that vinyl will just always sound different than any digital version. My understanding here is, that there is really a hell lot of tweaking being done when the master record is being cut, much...
  5. DrTebi

    Crossover Software for Windows, Linux, macOS.

    I am a bit late to the party... but there is definitely something missing in the Linux section: LSP Plugins! I absolutely love what you can do with these. Currently I have setup a 2-way crossover, each channel with a parametric EQ. Output goes into two vintage Accuphase amps and then to two 18"...
  6. DrTebi

    $2k DIY subwoofer, oh my

    I may not have tons of experience with different subwoofers, but one thing I know—open baffle subwoofers, properly equalized and amplified, sound freakin' amazing. No "boomy" box sound, just fat dry bass as if the instrument is right there with you. Works so much better in a room due to the...
  7. DrTebi

    My waf dipole speaker design. Waffle.

    Now you can get rid of your dumbbar, you've got some serious speakers to carry around :) Nice job, really good to see someone just going for it. That's what I did some time ago, despite people suggesting to go with a "proven design" first... who dares wins... and if you fail, well, you learn...
  8. DrTebi

    $2k DIY subwoofer, oh my

    Sounds all good on paper to me... have you heard any servo subwoofers in person? Or how did you decide that this must be good? Personally, I am happy with my McCauley 6174 drivers in open baffle configuration. 18" moves a lot of air—whatever woofers I tried... it seemed like the larger they were...
  9. DrTebi

    Marchand XM44 Analog Active Crossover Review

    One of the most praised active crossovers of the "golden era of HiFi" was the Sony TA-D88 and Sony TA-D900 (pretty much identical). These have exchangeable frequency modules, which makes them quite versatile. All filters are 24dB, which was unusual for the time. They look and feel quite sexy...
  10. DrTebi

    Which Pi Hat DACs measurements do you like to see

    Thanks for reporting that. TerraBerry... made in Japan... doesn't surprise me too much that it is top notch :)
  11. DrTebi

    Good, inexpensive, A to D Converter?

    Well, we still don't know what the OP wants to do... maybe he should enlighten us ;) I am very much in favor of the Tascam DA-3000. Here is a review with a few measurements: I am debating to buy this...
  12. DrTebi

    Good, inexpensive, A to D Converter?

    The Mytek Stereo 192 (there is also an older Stereo 96 model) frequently had positive reviews. Might be worth checking out. If you don't mind used, there are usually some available on eBay or I have heard a vinyl to digital recording made with the Mytek Stereo 192 that was quite...
  13. DrTebi

    Good, inexpensive, A to D Converter?

    Did you actually read that review? When they started to talk about some $325 coaxial digital RCA cables making huge differences... they lost my interest. Sorry, but had to throw that in. Nevertheless, there may be some more "scientific" reviews favoring the Behringer, I am not saying it isn't good.
  14. DrTebi

    Good, inexpensive, A to D Converter?

    Oh, and since you are talking about Tascam... also check out the DA-3000: It is a solid-state recorder (to SD or CF card), but can also be used as an AD or DAC if I understand correctly. Maybe, if you are after e.g. vinyl digitizing, that device will...
  15. DrTebi

    Good, inexpensive, A to D Converter?

    They do make an assembled unit (with a few extra features), but it's around 1000 Euros, not sure if that's in your price range: Looks good to me... no Tascam device has ever disappointed me. What exactly are you trying to do...
  16. DrTebi

    Open baffle speaker design

    A friend of mine has been a recording engineer for over 25 years. He doesn't use dipoles in his studio. But when he was at my house some month ago, listening to my dipole speakers, he was literally amazed at how good they sounded, how clean, how detailed, how well different instruments etc...
  17. DrTebi

    Need Power amplifier Recomendations 1000.00 or less 500 watt minimum @4ohm.

    Yes, that THD+N sounds pretty bad. But I also have a very early Accuphase P-20, which in fact has the same THD+N (0.1%), and it doesn't make a sound no matter where I place it, what other device is on top etc. I am no expert, but I believe the switching power supply may have been the culprit in...
  18. DrTebi

    Pairing Unbalanced DAC with a Balanced Amp

    I believe that post was in regards to USB powered devices. That is not necessary a typical HiFi setup. I use a raspberry DAC with the Allo Boss and a linear power supply, and also an RME ADI-2 Pro, with quite a few other (vintage) components (preamp, active crossover, separate amps...), and I...
  19. DrTebi

    Which DAC measurements do you like to see next?

    LOL. I hope you won't have to do any repairs on it anytime soon, or you will be locked into your rack with a soldering iron :)
  20. DrTebi

    Good, inexpensive, A to D Converter?

    I find this one quite interesting: You can save some money building it yourself, or buy an assembled one.
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