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  1. Martin

    Moondrop LAN Review

    All these excellent measuring inexpensive IEMs lately have me intrigued. Thank god I hate having things stuck in my ears. Martin
  2. Martin

    Ex-subjectivists on ASR

    There needs to be a fourth choice: - I am an objectivist with subjective tendencies. You believe that anything that cannot be measured is not audible. Knowing this you still choose some components (knowing how they measure) based upon subjective preference. Martin
  3. Martin

    A Call For Humor!

    Kaufman & Broad built it in Tracy, CA:
  4. Martin

    EQ options for Raspberry Pi with Shairport?

    It is a little daunting and I'm a software engineer with a CS&E degree. Once figured out it's quite easy to implement. I've been running LMS within piCorePlayer on a 2GB Pi4 for several years. Mine is rock solid. Martin
  5. Martin

    EQ options for Raspberry Pi with Shairport?

    If you are using piCorePlayer with the embedded LMS you can implement parametric equalization using a custom-convert configuration file. It is loaded on the LMS tab within piCorePlayer. It's very easy and uses SOX to implement the equalization. I have one custom-convert for headphones using...
  6. Martin

    Munich Hi-End

    More money in cables than my home is worth.
  7. Martin

    80's jewels

    Trans X - Living on Video
  8. Martin

    80's jewels

    B-Movie - Nowhere Girl
  9. Martin

    80's jewels

    Freur - Doot Doot
  10. Martin

    A Call For Humor!

  11. Martin

    A Call For Humor!

  12. Martin

    LASIK/SMILE in mid 40s

    In junior high I had an ophthalmologist tell me he did not know how I could tell the boys from the girls. I had severe myopia. I wore glasses until I was 18 when I switched to extended wear contacts. I wore them for about 35 years when I found myself wearing reading glasses with my contacts. I...
  13. Martin

    Changes at Parasound

    At one time my stereo system was a Parasound Halo P 3 preamp, A 21 amplifier, and a D 3 disc player. I thought they made made good stuff. Of course that was in my audiophile days when I also had PS Audio xStream Power Plus power cables and PS Audio xStream Resolution Transcendent silver...
  14. Martin

    Eurovision 2023

    Just an FYI... None of the linked videos are available in the US (except for YouTube). When I hear Eurovision I think of this:
  15. Martin

    Bose 901 Series VI Active Equalizer Measurements

    The only place I have ever seen or heard Bose 901’s was at a - *ahem* - gentlemen’s club in San Diego’s Midway neighborhood in the 1980’s. I remember them being very “shouty” blaring 70’s and 80’s rock at ungodly volumes. Martin
  16. Martin

    A Call For Humor!

  17. Martin

    A Call For Humor!

  18. Martin

    A Call For Humor!

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