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  1. Ismapics

    What does it take to succesfully transition to a green energy economy?

    Hello Marc: My take. The big change will happen when the cost of Solar & Batteries becomes equal or lower than the cost of the Electric utility bill. Say I pay $180/M for electricity. When solar for my home hits $21,600 for Panels+batteries+installatioin (currently at $29,500+) assuming a 10...
  2. Ismapics

    Focal Chora 816 Speaker Review

    It's always so much fun to see great speakers at affordable prices.
  3. Ismapics

    EverSolo Z8 DAC & Amp Review

    Yeah, this guy has no measurements so he goes to words like warm, dynamic , full, juicy, punch, weight, solid, boldness, clarity, edged, focus, diffusion, extension. soundstage and that a SMSL has less bass. Again, it's just words that he is selling. All meaning less.
  4. Ismapics

    Monoprice DAC & Amp Dongle Review

    I get you. Think of it like a $10 dongle after buying the heat shrink , shipping and a lighter now costs $22. Still a good deal.
  5. Ismapics

    Monoprice DAC & Amp Dongle Review

    Hello @Bleib : I have mine shrink wrapped. So far they have lasted since 2020 with everyday use. The USB-C one I had to use as external sound card with my work Lenovo. The other I use with iPhone calls. Cheers and HNY
  6. Ismapics

    Monoprice DAC & Amp Dongle Review

    $10.00 Apple USB-C to 3.5mm dongle DAC for the win. Best SINAD/$ ratio ever.
  7. Ismapics

    Kenwood L-08C Pre-amplifier Review (Vintage Audio, QuirkAudio restored)

    Wow, reading your post made me look at my CD rack. I have CD's I purchased in 1983 and 85, still here and working perfectly. Police Zenyatta Mondatta, Dead or Alive Youthquake and Vision Quest. Still there.
  8. Ismapics

    Moondrop Blessing 2 Review (IEM)

    I so wish you could test a set of Tin T2, I am in love with mine.
  9. Ismapics

    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    Anyone has these and Tin T2 to compare?
  10. Ismapics

    Hasselblad X2D - 100 megapixel Mirrorless Camera

    @amirm How did the get to $8500. Sony sensor, DJI ui and manufacturing, The photos looked amazing, cant beat massive megapixels and large sensors.
  11. Ismapics

    "Secrets" about the consumer audio business you may find interesting

    All retail business are the same today. That is why in critical categories (food, drugs, durable medical devices) you have Government agencies assuring (or trying to) that product dont harm users. Audio has no controls, other than dont burn the place down. I would argue that Marketing will only...
  12. Ismapics

    Loxjie A30 vs NAD D3020 V2

    I listend to both on new to me Elac Debut 6.2 & Energy Sub in my Computer Audio Room. Verdict: I dont see a reason to keep the NAD. Its not bad, its just not the improvement I was expecting. Actually, to me the Loxjie sounded louder -no clipping- and fits perfectly under my computer and it has...
  13. Ismapics

    Loxjie A30 vs NAD D3020 V2

    Yesterday I was listening at 44 up to 47, but the impedance of the speaker has also to do with that. As far as I know, I have never clipped the A30. I have for today a set of Micca RB42, as I am buying a set of ELAC Debut 6.2 from the FB market place tomorrow.
  14. Ismapics

    Loxjie A30 vs NAD D3020 V2

    Hello Fellow Forum Members: I happen to have both here in my desk. I will listen to both at my normal levels. The Loxjie is the biased favorite as it has been here almost a year now. Pics may come in the weekend. Yes thats a 30 pin Apple connector (old iPod nano) and the headphone extension...
  15. Ismapics

    Shanling UA2 Review (portable headphone amp & dac)

    Not much better than an Apple Dongle costing $10.00. Something other YT Talking heads don't seem to see.
  16. Ismapics

    NAD Wireless USB DAC 2 Review

    I can see one next to a Mac/PC with all the media and remote app (Apple Remote for Macs included in iOS) on a tablet, the station next to the amp. Its best feature is its simplicity.
  17. Ismapics

    Burson Soloist 3XP Review (Headphone Amp)

    So an Apple dongle is better.
  18. Ismapics

    CHORD Mojo 2 Review (Portable DAC & HP Amp)

    This is unjustifiably expensive for what it is. If looking at a simple Sinad to Price ratio it would be underwhelming.
  19. Ismapics

    Belden ICONOCLAST XLR Cable Review

    I have used Belden in the Ham Radio hobby and in fact they are the best quality our there. However, this is just audio jewelry. If you have the means and want to waste $800 go at it. Just like a new shirt or watch it will make you feel better for a while.
  20. Ismapics

    Tripp Lite IS250 Isolation Transformer Review for Audio (Video)

    Lets proclaim that the main rule in audio accessories should be: Never solve a problem that does not exist. Now say yours.
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