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    Listening Window Versus Toe In

    Not sure I understand you, the NFS measures at many different angles around the speaker, so you have the data for these :
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    Erin's Audio Corner YT channel is about to change...

    Oh dear. I feel for you man. I have never been married, but have been left many times and can imagine the pain, especially with a kid. Your video is an act of bravery and you expressing all this publicly is truly respectable. As others say, it may seem lightyears away now, but one day you'll...
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    Sub 25K active speaker/system choice

    We have guests at home, so couldn't spend time on it yesterday. Had to find my digital cables again, fortunately they're not lost. Hooking them up to the RME Fireface and Mac mini tonight, hopefully.
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    Sub 25K active speaker/system choice

    It will indeed help with having some "impressions".
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    Sub 25K active speaker/system choice

    Not wired yet. These things are huge (TV is 65")
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    Sub 25K active speaker/system choice

    It's bloody huge. No time to set it up today sadly (work). Hope I can make it tonight.
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    Neumann KH150

    I don't think it's a budget problem. There are so many options at every budget. Everyone sets one, has expectations, makes compromises. It's about making a choice, accepting it may not be the optimal one (if there is such thing - hint : there isn't), and not preventing you from being very happy...
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    Sub 25K active speaker/system choice

    No real idea but this source says 40k for the 800k :
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    Sub 25K active speaker/system choice

    You're late to the party, they've almost arrived !
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    Sub 25K active speaker/system choice

    Customs asked for 4896€ (22%), about what I was expecting. Total of 27k€. Now I got to take days of listening to make the hourly rate acceptable. Will post pictures on arrival. Have a nice week-end.
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    Neumann KH150

    I bet $10 @Pearljam5000 won't have bought his speakers in a year.
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    Sub 25K active speaker/system choice

    It made it to my island (sorry @YSC). Not to my house yet. Waiting for the customs to rip me off, then I'll receive it.
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    Neumann KH150

    You're not looking for a good speaker, you're looking for a fantasy spec sheet.
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    Neumann KH420 vs Genelec 8361A

    I think it's quite obvious. It's the 8361C, 4-way metallic cones, berylium tweeter and IA trained to reproduce violin right. Due to arrive within this century, you just need to hold still.
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    Shipping Insurance

    I have no answer to your questions but would just like to thank you for your effort in providing items to amir.
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    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor) :confused:
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    Genelec W371A + The Ones : My quest for the Grail is over

    Ordered W371A and 8351B (in white) in January too, they were delivered in august. 8351B is currently available on Thomann whereas there were weeks of delay until last month, so I guess things are getting better.
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    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    This seems easy. If the budget allows, you can take your chance with W371A+8351B as well.
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