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    Potential performance loss using a manufacturer specified 8Ω only amp, with 4Ω speakers (Dunlavy SC-IIs)

    Thank you for the replies @DonH56 I agree with you. I am not searching for any magic solutions and I am aware that the most noticeable improvement will come from subs. I just got extra cautious due to the manual explicitly mentioning 8Ω only. @Head_Unit I have a Fluke 289 that measures RMS of...
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    Potential performance loss using a manufacturer specified 8Ω only amp, with 4Ω speakers (Dunlavy SC-IIs)

    I have been using a 100W Yamaha RN303D amp with my Dunlavy SC-IIs. The amp is the entry-level model, which the manual and on-device marking specify to use only with 8Ω speakers, although the manual provides power figures for 4Ωs. Its well-known bigger brother, the RN803D, does not have such...
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    Aperion N5T Speaker Review

    WTWs have inherent flaws but they tend to create a sense of soundstage height that is quite (positively) distinctive to the setup.
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    Dynaudio Emit M10 Review (bookshelf speaker)

    This response is elitistic, antiscience, anti-forum and the definition of gatekeeping. The fact that we have a vast understanding of physics and measurement datasets does not mean that "the science has settled", as the scientific fallacy states. Measurement interpretation and...
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    JBL 708P Review (Professional Monitor)

    The thing that bugs me is that the JBL 708 costs ten times more than the JBL 308 and yet scores worse on the preference transfer function that the same company developed as a benchmark tool and implemented into their product design philosophy. Secondly, i would argue that, excluding...
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    Dynaudio X14 Speaker Review

    Οverall, the X14 measures pretty well: X14 Frequency response: +/-2.5dB 80Hz-20kHz M105 " " : +/-2.8dB 80Hz-20kHz Regarding the waveguide thing: ATC also refers to its new tweeter as "short throat waveguide"
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    Which speakers are the Classical Music Pros using?

    This seems like a custom DIY built with SB acoustics woofer, and accuton mid/high driver. All very good quality drivers.
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    Which speakers are the Classical Music Pros using?

    I am not sure how to distinguish which studios are doing exclusively classical or which studios from my list do not do classical/orchestral music at all. So, i expanded the list a bit, which does not disprove your point IMO. Are you implying a connection between B&W and classical exclusively?
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    Which speakers are the Classical Music Pros using?

    It seems to me that the focus of this post was to counter the hate B&Ws get in this forum (rightfullly or not, is up to everyone to think), by showing the preference of famous, world-renowned studios. Noting some speakers, (mostly from the list of...
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    Hi-end speakers, new or used?

    I get that of 6db/oct cross (acoustic,electric w.e.) sometimes is used to appeal to a specific type of audiophiles. However that and especially the use of 4.3khz point (which i agree, is not usual), i would assume are choices that Dynaudio deliberately made and engineered the speaker...
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    Hi-end speakers, new or used?

    Are you sure that their DSPed models use 1st order crossovers? If the LYD 7 uses a 6dB/octave cross at 4.3 khz, that means that the 7" magnesium woofer would have significant output well past its breaking frequency and would sound horrible. I highly doubt it. The only case of a Dynaudio...
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    Hi-end speakers, new or used?

    Personally, I would stay away from buying speakers older than ~5 years old, since the degradation of the units' material is an unknown and not easily identifiable factor, especially if the buyer cannot examine the speaker from close. As restorer-john spiders and, maybe even more crucially...
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    Kali Audio Appears to Be Releasing a Coaxial Speaker (NAMM video featuring Charles Sprinkle)

    The polar pattern of a Genelec 83xx and the off-axis response of a Revel F208/F228 (a high performance home speaker) indicate that both embrace the "constant directivity" design principle. It seems that are both have somewhat lower directivity index, which means that the off-axis attenuation is...
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    Stereophile Reviews New Klipsch Forte, Klipschorn

    I mean Hifinews measurements appear quantitatively and qualitatively (possibly having to do with the smaller y-axis window)a bit worse than other sources. Revel's 228be appears to be roughly +-3 db.
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    Matrix Audio X-SABRE Pro MQA: Best Audio DAC in the World?

    Are there any real life audible gains compared to a DAC from the mid-tier of the list that has (respectable measurement numbers and without noticable flaws (e.g. the so called "humps") ? If the answer is no, i would argue that the device's features and connectivity would be, for most people...
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    Why don't all speaker manufacturers design for flat on-axis and smooth off-axis?

    In order to assess the impact of controlled directivity, it would be interesting to have a repeat of the Harman blind test but including speakers design (or should i say marketed) with different chief design approaches and at least share very good on-axis response, for example: Controlled...
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    Advice and thoughts sought for room, speaker, system matching...

    All dunlavys, even the SCVI 530lbs behemoth, used the old Vifa D27TG35-06 tweeter. For what it worth (it was actually quite cheap) it good frequency response, good impulse and more importantly very smooth roll off that was a basic requirement for the minimum phase design and time alignment. The...
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    Advice and thoughts sought for room, speaker, system matching...

    John Dunlavy design philosophy was very much inline with this forum's ethos, in the regard that he was always driven to achieve perfect frequency and phase response accuracy. Even today, there are few passive or active speakers of the equivalent price, that can match the measurements of the...
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