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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero Red

    When I heard red I expected to see flamboyant lipstick color, but this red looks like antique furniture.
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    Post photo of your desktop setup

    I actually thought about using 4367 in a desktop system like you did, but they were not tall enough. What is your thoughts on Salon2 vs 4367?
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    Post photo of your desktop setup

    Looks nice actually! How is the image?
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    Topping L70 Headphone Amp Review

    I have a Topping L70 for sale:
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    SOLD!!!: Topping L70 Relay Volume Balanced Headphone Amp

    Asking $250 shipped, or $259.55 including PayPal fee. Crosspost:
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    Hifiman Edition XS

    Wow! I have also had all five of these headphones at different times.
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    JBL 4329p 8”active Studio Monitor series

    Is there any roon ready subwoofer to go with these?
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    Apple Music LosslessSwitcher app for Mac

    Well, still no luck here. The sample rate shown on LosslessSwitcher is stuck at the sample rate when it opened but doesn't response to further changes. Maybe that's because I disabled Apple Music in Music app completely? I only use Music as a local file player.
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    Apple Music LosslessSwitcher app for Mac

    Does this app work when Apple Music is playing local files? I have tried it and the sample rate doesn't change.
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    Topping L70 Headphone Amp Review

    Just wanted to show off my L70 and the whole setup.
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    JBL 708i Monitor Review (DSP: Part 2)

    Emmmm, active DSP could actually worsen the directivity test result.:oops:
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    A Blind Test Attempt: Neumann KH310+Sub vs KH120+Sub, and My Thoughts on CEA2034 and Preference Rating

    Welcome ASR! It has been a long time since my original post. My entire setup has changed. I would love to hear your impression of KH310 vs KH150 when you get them.
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    Ladder Schumann R2R DAC Review

    What was Shenzhenaudio thinking? Why did the distributor ask a popular measurement site to measure a DAC that is obviously not designed to please the measurement crowd? Is this some sort of covert brand assassination?
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    Topping's online store in China sells U-GREEN. I guess you could buy U-GREEN as well.
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