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    HDMI - HDMI - Audio Extractor - USB

    I think that‘s pretty good. Any higher resolution might cause additional jitter, so it does not necessarily sound better. My Aten VC-880 de-embedder only supports PCM 24/96, and that‘s pretty good already. I only play silver discs, and I only have about a dozen Japanese BR-As that offer 24/192...
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    Power Supply for HDMI Audio De-Embedder/Extractor

    I recently upgraded the power supply of my Aten VC-880 audio-deembedder to an Ifi iPowerX and I hear a small, but clearly noticeable improvement on SACD/BR-A/DVD-A playback. So as long as you can return it, it might be worth to give the Toppings P50 a try. There is a pretty reliable way to...
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