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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    My pair arrived today from ShenzhenAudio, and as my first IEMs, I'm loving them! They even motivated me to clean up my desk to take a picture! I figured I follow suit with others' recommendation to use the memory foam tips, and they were a bit difficult to get on. They're such a snug fit onto...
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    Change in width/imaging with Windows Shared Mode Sample Rate?

    Hi all, Still pretty new here, but I wanted some insight into a phenomenon I was noticing with some new gear. To try to make it as short as possible, I just got a Monolith 887 and SU-8s to upgrade from my ifi Hip Dac that I had hooked up to my PC, as well as a Hidizs S9 Pro for portable...
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    Drop Dan Clark Audio Aeon Closed X

    So I got a pair of Closed X headphones recently and loved them. Back and forth between Sample #2 and Oratory's EQ, I ended up settling on Oratory's with some extra bass added. The one thing I was looking for was a bit more comfort and sealing in the earpads. I happened to see that there was one...
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    Open-back Planar Headphone Suggestions?

    Hi all! Short-time lurker, first time poster here. For a while I've been enjoying my Sennheiser HD 660s for streaming hi-fi through Qobuz. Adding the Oratory EQ profile to it was a world-changer. I recently bought a pair of Dan Clark Audio x Drop Aeon Closed X headphones, though, and they're...
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