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    New Neumann MA 1 - Automatic Monitor Alignment

    Yes, you can use MA 1 to apply low / high shelf and PEQ filters and switch back / forth relatively quickly.
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    State of the Art passive full-range speakers?

    I don't get deep into the amplification side of things (if my amp runs cool, isn't introducing noise, and nothing is clipping, I'm content), but if anything, shouldn't the opposite be true? Why in this case should a different amp provide a different experience at lower volumes, unless it's doing...
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    Neumann KH120 II

    In the interest of getting it over with:
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    Neumann KH120 II

    I use 150s on a desktop because I was looking to maximize extension without the need for a sub, but it sounds like the distance between them is shorter than it would be for you. Mine are 45" apart when measuring the distance between tweeter centers. At a 1 meter listening distance, obviously the...
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    Neumann KH120 II

    Titanium diaphragm with fabric damper.
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    Neumann KH 150 Monitor Review

    I've used my share of AMTs, true ribbons, Be tweeters, etc. I would not personally describe the KH 150's treble as at all "dark", at least not in my largely untreated office space. The directivity of the AMT is wider than the Neumann's, though, so depending on your room and listening...
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    "No further upgrades needed" desktop setup / Neumann-based?

    I had a similar goal earlier this year, that being to set up a truly "I'm done now" desktop system, however, I also wanted to free up floor space by ditching my (old) sub. With that in mind I opted for KH 150s + MA 1. Subjectively, I am absolutely thrilled with the setup. Being a bass head, I...
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    Triad In-Room Gold LCR Speaker Review (by ErinsAudioCorner)

    This seems like it would at least be a pretty decent HT speaker with some EQ and subs (obviously). But, $3300...a piece? Why?
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    Neumann KH120 II

    One of the issues with using a non-Neumann sub with MA 1 is that you can't set a HPF with it. You'd still need to come up with an external solution such as a miniDSP.
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    New mysterious Genelec monitors

    But, but, but.... ...will it have a new tweeter?
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    $20,000 "end game" speaker for a disabled man who can't audition! Monitor audio platinum pl200 ii , revel f226be, or something else?

    I used F226Bes for a while, and they are absolutely excellent and very well-balanced speakers. They're not bass monsters by any means, but since you'll be crossing to subs, that's not a concern. After using them as my primary speakers for several months, I compared them extensively to Ascend...
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    "plasticky" Neumanns?

    "Plasticky" and 2-dimensional? Are you sure they aren't describing their girlfriends?
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    The quest for my hyper speaker - Very Large room dilemma

    I don't necessarily disagree with this, but I also think that people tend to employ "fidelity" with varying degrees of strictness. If one were to truly claim complete fidelity to a recording as a goal, then yes, building a true studio space would be required. But then, there have been thousands...
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    Neumann KH120 II

    Even if you aren't after ultra-low frequencies, I believe that there is a lot to be said for the flexibility offered by proper bass management via subs. The KH 750 is certainly not an inexpensive sub, but a pair of 120 IIs + KH 750 + MA 1 could = an incredibly high quality, well integrated setup...
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    Neumann KH120 II

    Again, it only makes sense makes sense. My main speakers (in their original version) were designed something like 12 years ago. For over a decade, the model remained the same, up until last year, when it underwent a significant redesign using a Klippel NFS. The bass woofers, midrange...
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    Neumann KH120 II

    I have not and do not claim that they are perfect. But, tweeters are a component of an overall system. They must integrate with and perform well relative to the design goals and parameters of a given system. If Neumann were to simply change out the tweeter for something that differed in...
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    Neumann KH120 II

    That is not even a remote answer to the question. And I have absolutely no idea the answer to yours (see, that's rather easy to admit), but I'd be willing to bet that one of two scenarios occured: They identified an area (or areas) in need of improvement. Or Marketing inisited that new...
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    Neumann KH120 II

    Yet again, what needs to be improved? Does it need more detail"? Explain how a new tweeter achieve this. Less distortion? They're already quite low in distortion and chances are if you're driving the tweeters into audible distortion you're already into the point at which the limiter will have...
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    Neumann KH120 II

    I've heard my share of Focals and I doubt that. I haven't heard any Genelec Ones but as you claim they have a "house sound", what reason would Neumann have to emulate it? If you want a Neumann to sound like a Genelec and dress like a Genelec, then just by a Genelec. A new tweeter for the sake...
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