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    How NOT to set up speakers and room treatment ( Goldensound)

    Btw this is what Floyd Toole writes about treating a dedicated listening space in chapter 22.3.3: "The center portions of the front and rear walls are mostly absorbing, with scattering devices toward the sides of the rear wall. All absorbers, wherever they are located, must be not less than 3...
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    How NOT to set up speakers and room treatment ( Goldensound)

    Assuming a rectangular room the primary axial room modes create bass build-up in the center of the room but also nulls at 1/4 (and 3/4..) of the room. In theory the 38% rule avoids both. Now most rooms have windows, doors and walls of different construction so measure and listen before trusting...
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    How NOT to set up speakers and room treatment ( Goldensound)

    Since you're asking: the Salon2's and 4 subs in the GS room, thanks. You seem to be annoyed by the guy's attitude, age and the fact he has a dedicated listening room. But try to focus on what was actually said in the video. This is not 'snake oil power conditioners and cable lifters' stuff folks.
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    How NOT to set up speakers and room treatment ( Goldensound)

    This thread is still too much about his age and attitude vs what he actually did with the room. He found the low end sweet spot for his listening position, treated corners and first reflection points with thick broadband absorption and backed it all up with measurements. To me there was very...
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    How NOT to set up speakers and room treatment ( Goldensound)

    I find GS & especially DMS quite annoying but honestly I think the video was nicely done. I would've picked different speakers though for sure. Floyd Toole's research showed most people prefer a more spacious sound? Leave the sidewalls untreated then, not a huge deal. The main thing about...
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    Need advice on Subwoofer size for connected room

    I think dual SB1000 Pros are plenty as your listening distance and the main space aren't huge, and since music is top priority. But feel free to go bigger if there's no placement/visual restrictions. In any case I would get 2x smaller subs than one size bigger single sub. I would also look into...
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    Analyze audio library for dynamic range and bass content?

    You can analyze dynamic range with Foobar2000 and the dynamic range component. You can batch process multiple albums at one go. It can tag the DR readings directly to your file metadata and also create a separate .txt file within the album folder.
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    "Metallic" Genelecs ?

    Impatiently waiting for the "Woody" Wharfedales? and "Rubbery'" Revels? threads.
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    Help me decide a subwoofer for music only and high WAF

    To give you one more option, have a look at the KEF T2 Sealed 10", slim profile with only 18cm in depth. Might be able to find one used for a very good price. Output and bass extension probably somewhere between the KEF Kube 8b and 10b but should be fine with music if high SPL not needed. Auto...
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    Music services that display dynamic range/loudness?

    Yes, for example. And since many older albums may have multiple versions available it would be easy to find the remasters least affected by the loudness wars. While not top priority it would certainly be a value-adding feature. In the long run, I would like to own the best versions of all my...
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    Looking to replace Wharfedales

    Umm correct me if I'm wrong but you have two different accounts??
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    Looking to replace Wharfedales

    Have you seen Amir's review of the 220s? The grilles have quite a big negative impact so I would make sure to keep them off. If you have the ability to use EQ it's easy to smoothen out the 900Hz bump (and other issues). I would start there. Also have a look at the recommended passive speakers...
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    Strange phenomenon positioning the speakers

    In addition to boundary gain you also have to consider SBIR. Typically at stand height you might get a dip at 90-130Hz due to cancellation from the floor. When you place the speaker on the floor the effect is stronger and shifts up in frequency so that you might get a big dip at ~900Hz. You can...
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    Music services that display dynamic range/loudness?

    Thanks @OMas for clarification. I'll definitely give DROffline MkII a try. I take it many of MAAT Labs customers use the products with DAWs. But my interest is primarily my digital music library (and streaming). Do you happen to have any music player recommendations that display the metadata...
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    Has anyone reviewed crossovers?

    Looking at the JL Audio CR-1 specs the stated THD+N translates to 94 SINAD. Other than that hard to say without measurements. Some of them also seem to be quite limited in how steep xo slopes can be used. I think it's quite hard to beat MiniDSP Flex unless you prefer a rack size device with...
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    Predicted v Measured in room response

    The Predicted In-Room Response is for far-field and that's why it includes 44% Sound Power, 44% Early Reflections and only 12% Listening Window. But when you are listening near-field you're mostly hearing direct sound so Listening Window is way more important. Add some below-the-Schroeder...
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    Buckeye 3 Channel Purifi Amplifier Review (2nd)

    Yes, Purifi is a newer, more advanced design than the original NCore. There's also the next generation Hypex NCoreX / Nilai that should be an improvement over the original NCore. That being said the NCores are still very very good and at this point it's more of 'how far can we perfect it' than...
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    MiniDSP with a separate DAC and Preamp

    I'm guessing you're currently using the REL method of sub integration and blending the sub with Dynaudios' natural roll-off? With the MiniDSP you would be able to high-pass the Dynaudios. IME especially 2-way speakers benefit from not having to produce low bass. We've seen from for example...
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    How much impact for perceived sound - direct sound and room sound

    Agree, too many variables. But I would say in the near-field direct sound, far-field direct and room equally.
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