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    5.1 Home theatre on apple dongles for that sweet sweet audiophile gore

    I tried separate USB 2-channel DACs some time ago on RPi and CamillaDSP while trying to integrate my sub. There was a random delay offset of +/- 5-30 msec between signals out of the DACs. I moved to a Motu M4 DAC for that reason. It might not be noticeable watching a movie on this very cool setup.
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    Gustard A26 DAC & Streamer Review

    It shall be called then "The Ihmcopiuacoabt Line"
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    Magnepan LRS Speaker Review

    Yes, currently have two SVS subs. I may give them a try if I can convince the sales guy to take my order. Thanks!
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    Magnepan LRS Speaker Review

    Similar setup as in have now, speakers will flank fireplace about 7' apart and seating about 7' away from speakers. Listen to low/moderate levels.
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    Magnepan LRS Speaker Review

    I attempted to purchase a new pair of LRS speakers. The nice salesman advised me against purchasing them since the room I was planning to put them in was too big, namely 15'x36', my main living space (living room/dining room/kitchen). He suggested I get a bigger model. I said I would get back to...
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    Integrated phono in turntable

    I got the LP-120XUSB for Christmas. I am using it with a stock green needle and the built-in pre-amp going to my Motu M4/CamillaDSP setup. I was playing a brand new record from Yasmin Williams the other days and comparing it with the digital version in Qobuz and was surprised at how similar they...
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    LS50 Meta upgrade dilemma

    +1 on getting a sub. I have the SB1000 with my Kefs and use CamillaDSP to cross them over at 80Hz.
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    Where to place speakers in a tricky room?

    The first time I saw a Samsung Picture Frame TV, I thought it was a piece of art, not a TV. It was mounted correctly and displayed a modern work of art.
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    RPi4 + CamillaDSP Tutorial

    I think it would be possible. Using a Raspberry Pi Pico, which has WiFi and ADC converter, one could write a small micropython program that supports WebSockets to read camillaDSP values and produce appropriate values into the ADC changes connected to analog VU Meters. PWM would also be an option...
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    RPi4 + CamillaDSP Tutorial

    A little fun project to get VU Meters in my CamillaDSP setup.
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    Need amp suggestions for LS50 Metas - options and details provided

    For my LS50 Metas, I'm using Hypex NC252MP-based amp with one SVS SB100 Pro sub and am generally happy with it. They are crossed at 200Hz and room corrected under 500Hz using CamillaDSP on RPi. This gives the Metas 150W of power above 200Hz, and the sub does what the sub does. I listen about...
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    Motu M4 Audio Interface Review

    I am using the Motu that way, however connected to raspberry pi with camilladsp on it. Use it as a Roon and Spotify endpoints. Nice writeup on camilladsp on another thread. No volume issues as mostly use digital volume from corresponding apps.
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    RPi4 + CamillaDSP Tutorial

    Should be simple to change the code to control two plugs, not just one. The general idea is to control the state of the amp based on the playback state. In camillaDSP, the playback state switches from Running to Paused after the configurable silence_timeout value, so you can choose to make the...
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Emotiva coupon 20% off valid until July 24: Austin20 source: cheapaudioman
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    RPi4 + CamillaDSP Tutorial

    @chuckt62 Here you go You can modify the getAmpState and setAmpState to use GPIO instead of calling python-kasa
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    RPi4 + CamillaDSP Tutorial

    I recently got a Hypex amp from VTV. The amp is very basic and it only has an on/off AC switch in the back. After quick exchange with VTV folks they mentioned that most people are using external AC outlets to control the power to their amps. So, that got me thinking on how I can do this with...
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    Poll for Topping PA5 owners only please.

    My PA5 has been running for 3 months, and nothing to report except it works. Will report again at the 6 month mark (if I remember) or sooner if something worthy of mention.
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    IOTAVX SA3 control via RS-232 interface

    Well, the nice folks at IOTAVX provided a firmware upgrade to the SA3 which allows control of the amp via RS-232, so I am a happy camper. From readme file:
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