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    Are Affordable Class D Amps the Great Hope for Audio?

    I'd say that affordable class D amps is one of the things changing the market, but not the only one. First, there's the reduced number of sources. Couple of decades ago it was usual to have a vinyl player, a cassette player, a tuner, and maybe even a reel-to-reel tape player. Then CD players...
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    Need a good amplifier for my ELAC FS247 stereo floor speakers. Need warm and full sound at low volume.

    Depending on your taste, You might be quite happy with just slight boost in low frequencies to add some warmth to the sound, so I suggest that before investing any money, just experiment a bit with Your loudspeaker placement. Moving the speakers closer to the walls usually boosts the bass...
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    Stereophile's Jim Austin disagrees w Atkinson; says tubes have something that can't be measured

    What the audiophile world needs is a high quality tube amp for less than 2K€, and I think I have a solution. Somebody should create an amplifier that has two 300B tubes beautifully presented on top of the amplifier chassis and connected to a dedicated circuit that would make them glow. Inside...
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    Take the blind challenge! 300B SET vs. Straight Wire with Gain

    Desperately looking for an excuse... Got to maintain my street cred.... Think...Think... What are the perennial favorites... Yes - That's it! The headphones I used were not revealing enough!
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    Have Slim Floorstanding Speakers "Had Their Day?"

    I still like my slim floorstanding System Audio Rangers H:116cm(45.67'') x W:13cm(5.12'') x D:32cm(12.60''). They are just so convenient in my modestly sized European style apartment living room.
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    You have all got it completely wrong! The cord itself is not important, but irreparable damage to sound quality is done already earlier in the power transmission chain from the power plant to Your home. Scientific studies by professor Vytautas Kusetus have clearly demonstrated that PELLE (Power...
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    Overall Best Bang for Bucks Amp under 1000 ?

    Some of my favorites in this price/features category: - Audiophonics DA-S125NC / DA-S250NC / DAW-S250NC depending on how much power You want and whether You want to have WiFi connectivity. Good set of features and lots of clean power for very reasonable price. - Quad Vena II - A very nice...
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    Need help - passive speakers under $2000 usd and amp under $1k to match

    Have a look at Amphion Argon1 speakers and Quad Vena II amplifier.
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    Genelec Ones- Overpriced ?

    Genelec "ones" appear to sell pretty well. Already almost 250 years ago, Adam Smith explained why that means that they are not overpriced.
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    Take the blind challenge! 300B SET vs. Straight Wire with Gain

    Thank You for creating the poll. The differences were certainly smaller than I expected, but of course, one can always use the perennial favorite excuse: "The sytem used for listening was not revealing enough" :)
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    Hegel H95 Review (Streaming Amplifier)

    This thread is often used by asr-detractors as a proof that we are bunch of SINAD-obsessed fanatics who think that sound quality can be boiled down to a single number. Please don't provide them with more bullets.
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    What qualifies a "bad" tube amp, or what do you get from a more expensive tube amp

    From ASR ethos point of view, it's kind of funny with all the speak about the tube sound. It should be the other way around - A good tube amplifier has the "solid state sound" i.e. it sounds just like all the competently engineered SS amplifiers (which all sound the same for all practical...
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    Music You Strongly Dislike (Just For Fun)

    1. Peruvian pan flute music. 2. Rap. All rap artists should be enforced to listen Peruvian pan flute music for the rest of their lives.
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    Cute new schiit speaker amps

    I think we should acknowledge that all audio products are not meant to be allrounders, but they have been designed for a specific use case. Smaller Genelec "ones" - 8331 and to some extent 8341 - for example, are sublime near field monitors, but they don't meet all needs of the amirs of this...
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    Would running audio through a cheap tube preamp (like the Behringer Ultragain) result in pleasing tube saturation?

    If we assume that the tube sound is a product of added 2nd order harmonic distortion, and that there is a market for amplifiers with such sound, maybe someone should manufacture a modern SS amplifier with a "tube button", which would add the said distortion, and also emulate the enchanting tube...
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    Tube Preamp Question

    I think the primary benefit of the tube preamp is that the knowledge of listening a tube preamp makes the owner experience the vaunted tube sound even if there are actually no audible differences compared to SS preamps. Then there is of course the image : A guy who owns a tube preamp is...
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    Best place for room correction?

    Is there an optimum stage where to apply room correction in audio system chain? - As early in the chain as possible like Camilla DSP on a streamer, or with Parks Puffin for vinyl etc... - With a separate box having room correction/parametric EQ capability. - Integrated in preamplifier like in...
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    What’s Your Triangle in Stereo Speaker Listening?

    Obtuse ad extremum = A person sits right between the speakers to simulate headphones listening ?
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    Why are most bookshelf speakers made for analog?

    Maybe in the future we have wireless connections and battery powered equipment with a separate charging station? Of course this is already what we have with PDAs/smartphones.
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