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    Review and Measurements of SONOS Amp

    So beside the problem with the "line in", if I want to use only the streaming part of this amp, would this be a decent choice? We already have some speakers from Sonos and I really like the "always on" feature with all of their products.
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    Picture of your current or past listening station/rig

    Hey everybody! Thought we might share good or not so good pictures of our current or past listening stations/rigs. Might be fun to see what type of hardware everybody has and how it looks like in its natural habitat. This is my current setup: DAC: Topping D10 Amp: Massdrop THX AAA 789 and...
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    What wire to build my own RCA interconnects?

    Oh, if you just need the "ends" and you're good at soldering, just build yourself some cables. I did this because I was able to get white, red and black ones with the corresponding colour of the Amphenol plugs. :p (Especially white with white plugs in 2m was mandatory for our living room :facepalm:)
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    My CD player died so I'm thinking of building some kind of streaming device setup. What is the most cost effective way of doing so?

    It depends on how you want to store your music and how you want to access it. With the CD-player gone, you need some way of interacting with the stored music. I have build myself a Logitech Media Server setup with some Raspberries, Allo Boss DAC, Volt Amp and Hifibery Zero DAC. This would be my...
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    What wire to build my own RCA interconnects?

    I'm a fan of Amphenol connectors, enough room to work with. Other than that I'm using Sommer Cable. I'm from Germany though, so this is the obvious choice.
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    Just pre-ordered the new Sonos Amp.

    Any news on the new Amp from Sonos? @amirm: Any luck in getting one of those?
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    Review and Measurements of CHORD Qutest DAC

    To be honest, I really like the design and look of this DAC. I also don't care about the accessibility of the interface, I just set my DACs up and let them running untouched forever. The measurements are phenomenal and I'm now tempted to search one used... Screw you Amir, I'm loosing a lot of...
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    ESS THD ‘Hump’ Investigation

    Hm... Does that mean that a lot of ESS DACs have the IMD hump due to an error in the data sheet? If that is the case, wouldn't it be easy to some of the manufacturers like SMSL or Khadas to send Amir some experimental firmware and he measures the devices like the Tone Board or the SU-8 again?
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    Quiz: Which DAC Is This?

    I don't know if the Airist Whatever from Massdrop was shipped already. Maybe this unit or the Geshelli ENOG2 Pro?
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    Seeking Recommendation of Flat, High-Isolation Cans

    Dunno if the DT770 Pro from Beyerdynamic are "flat" to your ears. Otherwise, I would suggest ATH MSR7 but those might be too tight and not comfortable enough. The Beyers are for me the most comfortable headphones!
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    SMSL SU-8 Version 2 Balanced DAC

    Thx for the solution but I don't think that my soldering skills are enough to do something like this. :facepalm: Just reached out to Shenzen Audio here in Germany via Amazon and let's see, what solution we find here. To be honest, I don't have any problems with hum with my Topping D10 and the...
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    @graz_lag: I would call them right now the most "neutral" headphones I own. They are for sure "bright", which I really like. Tyll from Innerfidelity nails it when he said that you will most likely hear what is happening on the way to the MSR7. High potential of resolving, really not veiled. It...
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    SMSL SU-8 Version 2 Balanced DAC

    Would also like to hear something about the differences between v1.1 and 1.2. What is the maximum volume I can choose without getting any high distortions? Might be that I keep the unit, my only concern is that the value for reselling might be really low.
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    SMSL SU-8 Version 2 Balanced DAC

    Would be great! This way, I would not have to exchange my unit.
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    SMSL SU-8 Version 2 Balanced DAC

    The price with 189€ was just too good and I realized that I always could resell it for this price. :) Funding for the GALA is also not going well... Edit: Given the really easy nature of disassembly/reassembly, the most efficient and environmental friendly way would be to send out new boards. As...
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    SMSL SU-8 Version 2 Balanced DAC

    BTW: Really great to see that SMSL is active here and improving the SU-8 with the data Amir is providing. (He is doing more or less quality control for free :cool:)
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    SMSL SU-8 Version 2 Balanced DAC

    Version 1.1 from me, bought around one week ago. Question now is: Should I try to get a refund or exchange it with a v1.2 unit? Bought it through Amazon and I can refund it.
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    Rolling (replacing) Op-amps in Topping D10 DAC

    In Science, those who claim something have to deliver the proof of it. In this case double blind test
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    Crossfeed for headphone circuits?

    Meier Audio is also one of the few who incorporate crossfeed into their amps. I'm also using the "Meier Crossfeed" plugin for Foobar, which really works great for me! Edit: Totally forgot ifi! The iDSD Black has the "3D+" feature, which is more or less a crossfeed function.
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    Headphone amp kit for complete novice?

    If you have access to I would recommend either a O2 Objective or Bottlehead Crack. I will try and build the NuHybrid from Pete Millet, might also be worth a try.
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