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  1. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    Kenwood L-05M Vintage Amplifier Review

    Probably you are right. Still curiosity is just too high :)
  2. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    Kenwood L-05M Vintage Amplifier Review

    He did not. Without measurements you cannot be sure. He stated "probably"
  3. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    Kenwood L-05M Vintage Amplifier Review

    I wonder if changing those filtering caps would mitigate some of the mains leakage.
  4. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    GR Research LGK 2.0 Speaker Review (A Joke)

    Can somebody tell me the track name of the piece that was used to show the distortion in vocals? Thanks @amirm
  5. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    Another guy on Youtube going to visit Danny down in texas....

    He never had any potential (as 90% of the reviewers from youtube), regardless his love with Danny's cables.
  6. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    Matrix Element X2 Streamer Review

    The dac with this power amp looks extremely neat. Would like to know modules used for the amp. @MatrixAudio
  7. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    Philips SHP9500 are the best budget headphones

    You mean quality issues? Like built quality, driver mismatching etc? As for the sound, for the price it's almost flawless IMO and easy to drive. I was really impressed. ps. left driver in my k371 failed after like month of usage or so, my unit was exchanged for new one on warranty so...
  8. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    Philips SHP9500 are the best budget headphones

    In that price range better consider AKG k371.
  9. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    Audeze LCD-XC 21 & effects of small venting

    Nice I really appreciate your approach. Mini dsp is completely fine when doing mods/tuning headphones for yourself. Sanity check for little money.
  10. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    DCA CORINA Announced (New Electrostatic Headphone)

    I used to think the same. But actually these are not leftovers. Headband has it's own Corina stiching so they are definitely not a leftovers ;) But I agree to my eyes headband and rods the whole design doesn't match cup look. Or the other way around cup grill doesn't match headband.
  11. ObjectiveSubjectivist


    Saw it some time ago. Fishy, wouldn't buy anything from them nor cables or headphones.
  12. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    JPS Superconductor V USB Cable Review

    I tend to believe that many of those highend audiophile USB cables (also coax, ethernet and others) wouldn't meet standard specifications :)
  13. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    What IEMs do you own?

    You won't be disappointed. Small cute looking, because of smallish size the comfort is very good (I always had problems with 'regular' sized iems). Tuning is really good. Zero harshness a lot of bass, a lot of deep deep subbas. The downside is a noise. You can spot it. But while listening to...
  14. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    What IEMs do you own?

    Lately I bought Moondrop Quarks DSP, tremendous value for money.
  15. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    Cute new schiit speaker amps

    Not sure what the fuss is all about. Small cheap amplifiers that are made in USA. I don't see any problem why people are bashing it. It seems like an ASR thing to make fun of e everything. Sad.
  16. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    Topping E70 randomly went to MAX volume..

    Marketing, same thing that audiophile companies do. Here Topping just cares about sinad chart audiophile companies cares about claims - same point different tools. Quality is laughable, unfortunately :(
  17. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    Paul McGowan (PS Audio) is back with another silly "Power Plant" video

    Did he confirmed that they own an AP? Waiting for the data then ;)
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