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  1. Somafunk

    A Call For Humor!

    Best description of musk’s acquisition of twitter I’ve seen yet
  2. Somafunk

    A Call For Humor!

  3. Somafunk

    YouTube Audio Reviewer Tier List - Jan 2023 Edition

    I commented on one of his videos and he replied “I know you, you’re a noob” I‘ll wear that as a badge of honour
  4. Somafunk

    "Chord Electronics FPGA DAC Technology Explained" - What went wrong?

    Certain chord products are very good, some merely so-so. Been done to the death on here.
  5. Somafunk

    Electronica/dance/techno/et cetera.

    I wonder why that possibly could be?;)
  6. Somafunk

    A Call For Humor!

    What about a reindog?
  7. Somafunk

    Post pictures of anything, with comment...couple words.

    Probably had pineapple on it
  8. Somafunk

    Wild places, post em if you got em...

    I’ve been up n’ over there on my mtb :),
  9. Somafunk

    how much music do you listen to?

    I’m at home all day/everyday due to spms so according to roon I listen to between 80hrs to 120hrs a month. I don’t/never owned a TV so music has always been my #1 vice
  10. Somafunk

    Tips and cables- for IEMs

    Yep, Bought an Etymotic ER4-P way back in 2005 to use with my iPod/Iriver H340 but could only use it sat absolutely still due to the gawd-awful cable microphonics. Best cable I currently have is the cable that came with my Dunu Vulkan, I prefer right angled cables to use with mojo2/poly...
  11. Somafunk

    Air Pressure and Balloons and Presence Near You

    At some point in our lives we all believe we have an unusual and individual talent that is unique to us alone, this is never the case.
  12. Somafunk

    B&O Beolab 20 Speaker Review

    A $500 speaker in a $14,500 party frock
  13. Somafunk

    A Call For Humor!

  14. Somafunk

    What’s Your Triangle in Stereo Speaker Listening?

    Yeah it’s a definite worry but I’m slowly coming to terms with my transgressions, sometimes I move my head from my rigid position when listening and it annoys me so much that I skip back to listen again, sometimes I even listen to my system from the kitchen with scant regard for audio quality...
  15. Somafunk

    What’s Your Triangle in Stereo Speaker Listening?

    In my listening position my head sits 15cm inside equilateral triangle
  16. Somafunk

    What’s Your Triangle in Stereo Speaker Listening?

    Equilateral for myself, I sit just inside the triangle
  17. Somafunk

    Show us your Cars

    This is a good watch for fans of the 240Z, mighty car mods do a RB26 conversion on an import 240Z through 17 episodes, the finished car is amazing. The car is finished to such a high spec yet very tastefully carried out so as to keep the character, 1st and last episode below 1st episode below...
  18. Somafunk

    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    There’s a new blessing 3 coming soon, could be the new Crinacle project red
  19. Somafunk

    Could ChatGPT Replace Audio Writers?

    Archimago has a good write up of chat gpt vs audio reviewers Here
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