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  1. TimF

    Music You Strongly Dislike (Just For Fun)

    What's the content here. It isn't much about guitars.
  2. TimF

    Are there any speakers you love that measure badly?

    i have loved women that measure (relatively) badly. I hope what is posted on ASR stays on ASR if you know what I mean.
  3. TimF

    NC252MP (class D) vs. A250W4R (classAB) burst measurements into 4ohm//2.2uF load

    An engine for an F35 is designed to be stable, reliable, functionary in specific performance parameters over a designated operating range. The engine will operate with a myriad of secondary and subsidiary harmonics--unavoidable but managed.. Everyone involved damned well knows that the forces...
  4. TimF

    Examples of good usability in hi-fi equipment

    For a while I owned a Sony TA-A1es integrated amplifier. It is a current Sony model. I owned one a few years ago. I think it is a very attractive amp and it was satisfying to use. It didn't give me quite the sound I wanted so I sold it but I think the problem wasn't the amp but my speaker...
  5. TimF

    Will consumer audio take over the hifi scene?

    A large retail chain for electronic equipment in the USA is Best Buy. It was founded by a man named Richard Schultz from St. Paul, MN. I remember in the late 1960's he had small an audio store in St. Paul on Snelling Avenue, I think, and it was called Sound of Music. From that store he...
  6. TimF

    Will consumer audio take over the hifi scene?

    The modern 4 cylinder gasoline automobile engine is just about a standard commodity. A few engine manufacturing companies could make them in a half-dozen varieties and sell them to the major auto manufacturers, yet most auto manufacturers continue to make their own 4 cyl. engines. We are...
  7. TimF

    NAD C 298 Power Amplifier With Purifi Eigentakt Amplification

    Let me add this: The NAD C 298 is drab like a marble funeral urn. I just got a used on and it was scuffed along the top front edge. I sanded that edge carefully in preparation of repainting it to cover the scuffing. Right now the top edge is bare metal--a fine edge of bare metal, maybe...
  8. TimF

    ...are you stupid as hell or whut...

    what ya mean? I just put new batteries in my Topping remote control and everything became more alive. Best sound I've ever heard. The music became much more human. Ya know? I have an idea and I will post a picture of it later. The NAD C 298 is drab like a marble funeral urn. I just got a...
  9. TimF

    NAD C 298 Power Amplifier With Purifi Eigentakt Amplification

    Annoyances. The C 298 has annoyances some of which are being corrected by the company. Apparently, a firmware update or two was necessary. Practically new units have been sent to NAD service centers for servicing. I have another complaint. As home appliances go, the NAD C 298 looks morbid...
  10. TimF

    Ghent DIY Aluminum case.

    Ghent DIY aluminum case for audio equipment. New. Black body with silver face-plate. Includes: IEC with fuse holder, speaker connectors, XLR input connectors, feet and all screws and fittings. Size: 9.5" by 12" by 3". $90 plus shipping costs.
  11. TimF

    Ingredients of Good Sound

    This is it. The perfect sound. If you don't think it's the perfect sound then find your own perfect sound. Don't give up on it too quick. It grows on you.
  12. TimF

    Audio equipment that appreciated in value?

    The Clairtone Project G is surely a piece of audio gear that most if not all wives will appreciate.
  13. TimF

    When will you be happy?

    you know how it goes. the current golden era of great and affordable audio products arrives just as my hearing goes to hell. But I did make it through pretty much all the canon of western classical music up to the turn of the twenty-first century. Happy....., poop on happy.
  14. TimF

    64 Audio tia Trió IEM Review

    Two thousand two hundred and ninety nine dollars!!!!?
  15. TimF

    New JBL SA750 Integrated Amplifier for US $3000.00

    Regarding the older JBL SA600. What tiny feet. The feet are too small and silly even. They aren't feet proper, they are hardly paws, less than kitten paws. Regarding the looks of the newer model JBL SA750, to me it looks like a machine that could be used to clean watch parts found in the...
  16. TimF

    Small form factor CD player

    The new Shanling EC3 is small. I got one three weeks ago but I haven't much used it as yet. I am curious if it is as good of a cd player using its internal DAC, vs. how good it is as a transport whereby digital processing is done in a stand alone Gustard DAC. Has anyone else gotten one of...
  17. TimF

    Is the entire audio industry a fraud?

    None of us is this kind of person: "But of course I'm not fooled by advertising, or taken in by it; nor am I subject to monkey see, monkey do behavior. Also, I have an unusually good common sense so that I am less fooled by bull shit, and less fooled by my own biases. Unlike a lot of people...
  18. TimF

    Audiophiles, generally don't like class D amps!

    This is off topic, and I know it is sick and crazy, but I want to share it because it is so satisfying. It is a satisfying as a good layout on a class D amp board. In the video don't uou just love how she puts the little nut on the little bolt with a rubbery yellow q-tip kind of tool. Such...
  19. TimF

    Audiophiles, generally don't like class D amps!

    I have nothing new to add but let me put my 2 cents in. Products are designed and manufactured to perform a function(s) within parameters. Different classes of products in a functional line have different performance parameters. There are real world products that meet practical goals. Ninety...
  20. TimF

    What are we listening to right now..

    In science fiction movies it isn't unusual for a child to declare that his mother is someone else, or for a wife to declare that her husband isn't any longer her husband. And they aren't because they have been taken over by aliens or replaced by replicants who are aliens. And I'm telling you...
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