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    A Call For Humor!

  2. pavuol

    Male vocals

    song from an album of my [gone with the wind] youth.. exquisite from start to finish btw. Suede - The 2 Of Us
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    bass line throughout the entire track with a bit more gas throttle at ~1:55 Beck - Go it Alone
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    Post your own meme

  5. pavuol

    A Call For Humor!

    reddit find :)
  6. pavuol

    DAC/ADC/FPGA Chip Manufacturers

    Yamaha makes some chips too (or maybe just designs..) There was some older list of phones with "better" DACs and One Plus One was confirmed phone featuring Yamaha's chip/codec.
  7. pavuol

    Male vocals

    Charlie Cunningham - Shame I Know
  8. pavuol

    Simple measurements of (older) smartphones' audio output (

    I havn't found mentioned this in the forum so maybe some members might find it useful/educative. There's one of those many webs dedicated to smartphone reviews called with one interesting subsection - table of audio measurements accumulated from past reviews.(navigation from...
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    Speed Reading DAC Audio Measurements

    and that istn't the worst part, just when you turn subtitles on you realize Amir acts positive but talks toxic! :eek::oops: I could now rant how the ALMIGHTY AI isnt't able to transcript a single term when the context was clearly set in previous speech but hey, maybe it knows VERY well what it...
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    Artists You Have Discovered Lately

    love the mood and sounds "popping like a small fireworks" :) R. Missing feat. J-Walk - Top Star de France
  11. pavuol

    Female Vocals: Stunning Recordings You Love

    minimal plus reference grade, any complaints? :cool: Trio SR9 - Video Games ft. Sandra Nkaké (Lana Del Rey cover)
  12. pavuol

    Smartphone DAC chips

    Galaxy A40 / 2019 / Exynos 7904 "PMIC S2MPU08X01-6030" Galaxy M20 / 2019 / Exynos 7904 "PMIC S2MUP08" Galaxy A22 5G (2021 / Mediatek MT6833 Dimensity 700) sch "MT6357 / "U1601" chip designation" Samsung Galaxy A32 5G (2021 / Mediatek MT6853 Dimensity 720) MT6359
  13. pavuol

    Smartphone DAC chips

    Samsung S10e / 2019 Exynos 9820 (EMEA) / Cirrus Logic CS47L93 / speaker amps CS35L40 / schematics same for: Samsung M62 / 2021 Exynos 9825 (chip designation also U7000 in PCB Samsung Note 9 (2018 Exynos 9810) - just different speaker amps ("MAX98512B")..
  14. pavuol

    Smartphone DAC chips

    Samsung M31s (2020 / Exynos 9611) - phonelumi Realtek ALC5665-GRT (so previous "unverified" list seems legit) Samsung F41 / probably same chip / U6012 designation in schematics Samsung A51 / 2019 Exynos 9611 / sch + Galaxy M21 Galaxy A50s
  15. pavuol

    Smartphone DAC chips

    Honor Play (2018 / Kirin 970) - (schematics on HiSilicon Hi6403 Audio Codec - found only some not free chip analysis of TechInsights - seems same chip is inside: Huawei Mate 9 - teardown of iFixit Huawei Mate 10 Pro (iFixit) Huawei Mate 20 Lite (2018 / Kirin 710) - phonelumi...
  16. pavuol

    Smartphone DAC chips

    Oppo R15 "Dream Mirror Edition" (2018 / Mediatek MT6771 Helio P60 / Android 8.1 only)- AKM AK4376A chip (schematics on / standard R15 doesn't have this chip Blackberry Z10 (2013 / Snapdragon S4 Plus) - confirmed Wolfson WM8915 via schematics
  17. pavuol

    Smartphone DAC chips

    TCL 30 5G (2022 Mediatek MT6833 Dimensity 700) - service manual with lowres exploded view and parts list, DAC chip undisclosed :(...
  18. pavuol

    Smartphone DAC chips

    Motorola G31 (2021 / Mediatek MT6769Z Helio G85) - found this lowres block diagram: There is this MT6358 chip, but this is probably not the whole story, as this chip is listed in scheme for "Acer Chromebook 311 C722T" and there is proper ADC/DAC hooked behind it (Renesas DA7219) ... same for...
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