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  1. Steven Holt

    Pyle PT8000CH Multichannel Amplifier Teardown

    Amir, thank you for this. A question to you (and the membership) : when you were in there inspecting and looking around, what did you think of the build quality? How confident are you that this amp would last five years under 'normal' operating conditions?
  2. Steven Holt

    Pyle PT8000CH Multichannel Amplifier Teardown

    I'm pretty sure that these are exhaust fans, not intake fans.
  3. Steven Holt

    Pyle PT8000CH 8-Channel Amplifier Review

    Do you believe that this supports the theory that 'all good amps sound the same'?
  4. Steven Holt

    Looking for DAC with "no smooth" sound signature

    Flanker, we can only hope that the poor guy will come around at some point. I like to think that knowledge is more contagious than ignorance (altho sometimes I despair....)
  5. Steven Holt

    Vintage system + DAC n00b = help me decide between…

    You have to be careful here. A good DAC has no 'sound' at all, it's totally transparent. Never fall for that BS on YouTube.
  6. Steven Holt

    Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 Speaker Review

    Moderator, could u please add this post to the 'Master Deals' subtopic?
  7. Steven Holt

    Newbie Question

    I strongly suggest that before you decide on which audio codec to use, do this : rip one of your CD's to FLAC, and then rip the same CD to MP3. Then step away from your computer, have a friend come over and ask him/her to randomly play one, then the other. SEE IF YOU CAN HEAR THE DIFFERENCE...
  8. Steven Holt

    Kef LS50 OG for 475€ - a steal or still overpriced?

    I'm racking my brain, and I can't think of a better speaker for US500. I say go for it, you have my blessing.
  9. Steven Holt

    Examples of good usability in hi-fi equipment

    I kind of hate to admit this, but that is one cool little piece of gear.
  10. Steven Holt

    inexpensive but ROBUST little amps suggestions needed

    Take a look at the Lepai/Lepy amp, should be available on Amazon, or check PartsExpress.
  11. Steven Holt

    Examples of good usability in hi-fi equipment

    I believe that JSmith is talking about the vintage gear of the '70's to early '80's, most famous being Marantz, Pioneer and Sansui. The best I personally ever had was a Luxman receiver from the '80's, the model escapes me. The problem with them, they had limited inputs (like 3), no sub out and...
  12. Steven Holt

    Do I need a pre-amp for R3

    For Heaven's sakes man just buy the LA90 and be done with it.
  13. Steven Holt

    What happens when a Chinese made DAC´s (Topping, SMSL) arrives DOA or soon after arrival fails?

    I'm an American, and I love this country. But when the g*dd*m steering wheel falls off the Tesla, should I blame the good ol' US of A?
  14. Steven Holt

    ELAC Debut 6.2 - For Desktop (Nearfield) or Small Room (20 sqm)

    Thanks, bro. And by the way, saw your pic. You have some lovely gear!
  15. Steven Holt

    ELAC Debut 6.2 - For Desktop (Nearfield) or Small Room (20 sqm)

    I have these speakers. Unless you have a desk the size of Joe Biden's, they're probably going to be a little too big for you. Why don't you have a look at the Q Acoustics 30XX lineup?
  16. Steven Holt

    Z Reviews walk around CanJam 2023

    You have to be careful with this guy. He's the one who recommended the Micca RB 42's, and I fell for it (yhea, yhea, I know). While they aren't as bad as many on ASR claim, they certainly aren't good, and I could have spent my money better.
  17. Steven Holt

    Too many volume knobs!! Help a noob out

    I don't disagree with any of the suggestions, but it may help you to read 'The Signal Chain', a paper written by one of the technical experts. It's in the 'audio reference library' subtopic section. It was very helpful to me.
  18. Steven Holt

    emotional female vocals

    My wife after I buy the MA5300. Not music, but man there will be plenty of emotion in it. More serious, try Freya Ridings.
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