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  1. TSB

    JBL 4329p 8”active Studio Monitor series

    I only did a single measurement with 0 dB setting. See attached the 0 dB overlayed with a single measurement in a position close to it. Note that it should say psychoacoustic, I did not invent a new smoothing method :)
  2. TSB

    JBL 4329p 8”active Studio Monitor series

    Sneak preview in a room (uncalibrated mic, psychoacoustic smoothing)
  3. TSB

    D&D8C versus KEF LS60 shootout!

    I have seen reviews in What Hifi for products where my company is involved in the project and we know not a single one has been produced at the time of 'review'. Reviews singing high praise for features that one of my colleagues were at that moment still implementing.
  4. TSB

    Do network streamers need to be expensive?

    The difference is in the software. Support for more streaming services, EQ, room correction, voice assistants, multi-room, nice apps and UI experience, update policy, easy of use, remote controllable, etc.. If you have no need for those features then you don't need to spend a lot of money
  5. TSB

    What happens when a Chinese made DAC´s (Topping, SMSL) arrives DOA or soon after arrival fails?

    My impression: - Chinese manufacturers produce hardware over the entire spectrum of quality, from cheap crap to super high quality. A lot of high-end audio equipment is designed (!) and made by Chinese OEMs. Do not underestimate how much expertise is in China and the rest of Asia. Many...
  6. TSB

    Starbucks audio

    I don't think there is any need for these expressions of your cultural superiority.
  7. TSB

    Desktop speakers under $400 / pair

    Speaker hiss doesn't have anything to do with passive vs active. It's just sloppy engineering. (Or in the case of PA speakers, it's just not important)
  8. TSB

    ASR Open Source Streamer Project

    I think that's a little too optimistic. For some, there are reverse-engineered projects that implement some subset of the protocol. For example, there is an airplay receiver, but it does not implement track information. Another one doesn't support Apple's DRM (it's likely to break or already be...
  9. TSB

    ASR Open Source Streamer Project

    Sorry to be a party pooper, but I am very skeptical about some of the goals mentioned in this thread.. Let's look at some of the services mentioned: Google Cast (requires product plan approval and certification) Apple Airplay (requires certification, proprietary crypto hardware) Spotify...
  10. TSB

    Why are AVRs and AVPs so expensive?

    What else are they (Anthem AVM70 and Arcam AV40) sharing except for the HDMI board? Are you referring to the power supply?
  11. TSB

    Lamenting the lack of good quality budget A/V Preamplifier/Processors

    Maybe I misunderstood: are you implying the Arcam AV40 and the Anthem AVM70 are shared designs? (I'm quite confident that's not the case.) It looks from the pictures like they are using the same HDMI board though.
  12. TSB

    Why are AVRs and AVPs so expensive?

    It isn't debateble. Compare the features.
  13. TSB

    Why are AVRs and AVPs so expensive?

    Completely re-designing your AVR based on new amplifier technology doesn not bring down costs. It will induce significant costs to develop the new design. Since there is little audible benefit above current sinad values, and the AVR market is quite competitive, there is little interest from...
  14. TSB

    Best Guitarists Evah!!!

    Second that for Jimmy Rosenberg. There's something special about Jimmy. I was gonna post that exact same hotel clip with Frank Vignola. I feel like he discovered a new level there. BTW, he is back to playing. I saw him in Amsterdam a few weeks back. Technically not completely on his own level...
  15. TSB

    Why are AVRs and AVPs so expensive?

    Yes, because those models serve a sufficiently different market segment that is big enough. Unlike most random feature sets we come up with in this thread
  16. TSB

    Why are AVRs and AVPs so expensive?

    Creating a new model by removing features doesn't reduce cost. It increases costs. You're now serving two models that need seperate design, development and production. It's only a good move if the lower tier model sells in significantly higher numbers, and it doesn't compete with the more...
  17. TSB

    Why are AVRs and AVPs so expensive?

    You're right that a lot of the software will be re-used, but the cost of development of even small customizations can be considerable (I work at a company that provides such software to a lot of brands)
  18. TSB

    Why are AVRs and AVPs so expensive?

    You're paying for the (software) development cost. Modern AVR's have a LOT of features. Developing, licensing, integrating and testing those (making sure they don't interfere with each other) is a lot of work. And when you get to the high-end AVR's with niche functionality - they are not selling...
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