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    Thanks ChatGPT, Couldn't Have Said it Better.

    Hack writing like subjective product reviews (cars, audio, everything...) will be a slam dunk for big LLMs like GPT-4: Title: The Beatles' "Revolver": A Sonic Tapestry of Innovation and Emotion "Revolver," the seventh studio album by The Beatles, released in August 1966, stands as a pivotal...
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    Thanks ChatGPT, Couldn't Have Said it Better.

    GPT-4 is smarter: It is a common misconception that having more musicians would proportionally decrease the amount of time needed to play a symphony. However, a symphony is a piece of music composed of multiple movements, and the time it takes to perform a symphony is determined by its tempo...
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    Do the Genelec 8030c hiss?

    I have the 8040a and have never noticed any hiss at all, even up close.
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    Thanks ChatGPT, Couldn't Have Said it Better.

    I use GPT-4 at least 5 times a day, usually just to get an answer to an off-the-cuff question. It is the best research tool there is, as good as Wikipedia.
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    Speaker time alignment, does it matter?

    Thanks a bunch - this pretty much settles it - zero-phase is not important for reproduction of music in a hifi system. The article sums up the expert commentary (he commenters are all top, well-known, audio engineers (Toole, Klippel, etc) : "As you can surmise from these remarks, everyone is...
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    Critical (Best) Music Tracks for Speaker and Room EQ Testing

    Not all of it is compressed - while it rarely has the dynamic range over all of a recording of orchestral music (it is pop music), it will certainly knock you out of seat with sudden, loud, floor-shaking bass from a dead-silent background and immediately going silent again. Sustained synth bass...
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    Critical (Best) Music Tracks for Speaker and Room EQ Testing

    Well, this list is 30 years old and really out of date. If you want to hear modern music that has really unbelievable stereo imaging, dynamics, very low bass, and extreme detail, you need modern electric pop and electronica. Try Imogen Heap's Sparks album. Lots of experimental reverbs, sonic...
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    Hi Ernie - lots of interesting and useful stuff here! The best audio forum! But, BE SKEPTICAL - number and length of posts and advanced technical expertise on a topic do not guarantee validity or helpfulness of posts. A significant amount of the stuff here, although put forward honestly, is...
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    Vinyl will always sound *different* than digital, right?

    Music processing in the brain is a complex phenomenon that involves multiple neural networks and brain regions working together. The brain processes various aspects of music, such as rhythm, pitch, melody, harmony, and emotional content. Here are some key aspects of how music is processed in the...
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    How much does the speaker matter?

    The Harman speaker preference score is the best way to choose a speaker that cannot be listened to in the room you will use it in. The room has such a big effect that ad hoc listening in any room (like a dealer room) other than yours is not as good as the measurements as far a choosing a...
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    Speaker time alignment, does it matter?

    I use Sonarworks with Genelecs and an SVS sub in a modestly treated room. Sonarworks correction will provide time coherence at the cost of a small time delay. This delay is noticeable when tracking or watching movies. Overall, the sound is excellent. But, as far as just sound goes, I cannot hear...
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    Moving from 8250's with 7360 sub: 8351 with current sub or 8341 with two subs?

    The 8351s will allow for longer listening distances since the direct sound will dominate at longer distances with 8351s. Also more bass and louder, of course. Also, in any case, GLM is always good.
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    How does it sound ? - Kef LS60 W

    No, this is Amir's opinion only. Worth considering maybe, but by no means definitive or scientific. I disagree with him :) I am waiting for empirical data, despite my stupidity.
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    How does it sound ? - Kef LS60 W

    How did you get those numbers? Until I see some real research I will say "Says who?" Maybe, despite attending an Ivy League college, I am not "intelligent"? Please provide a link to an empirical study.
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    Why do passive speakers still exist?

    This is just not true, at least for the Genelecs and Mackies I have owned and used for years. In fact, I would never dream of buying passives after my experience. YMMV
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    Passive Speaker Recommendations for USA (by @sweetchaos)

    Anybody can prefer any speaker's sound, it is subjective. When you claim one speaker sounds much better than another it unclear why anyone should make a buying decision based on that. True, listening for yourself is great, but largely impossible in today's market. That is why the speaker...
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    Active Speaker Recommendations for USA (by @sweetchaos)

    Thanks - I find it hard to use, however, since the the very small price category gradations require much work to manage comparisons.
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    If you had to pick a speaker...

    Buy the ones that have the best speaker preference rating via spinorama that you are willing to spend the money on. This is all anyone needs to know about the actual sound itself. Cosmetics, price, size, convenience are purely a matter of personal choice, can't help with that.
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    What are my fellow Genelec owners feeding them with?

    An old Behringer mixer and USB audio interface and Windows Media Player and Amazon music and a PC. Just terrific sound. Quit worrying about stuff that makes no audible difference!
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    Brian Eno 3 speaker setup, Hafler circuit, etc.

    I had a Dynaco ST-80 that had this built-in. I ended up not using it due to the unpredictability and occasional odd-ball effect. The results are entirely program material dependent and not the least bit like true surround sound.
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