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  1. phoenixdogfan

    Music You Strongly Dislike (Just For Fun)

    ABBA, seemed like the Swedish version off the Mamas and Papas crossed over with the Partridge Family. All Rap Music. Monotonous rhythm, they're not really singing just reciting, violent profane and ugly lyrics, degrading to women, glorifies toxic masculinity, played at 110 db at traffic...
  2. phoenixdogfan

    What IEMs do you own?

    Also own the V20 as my only phone. Have a battery charger, with the replacement batery always at the ready. Can't imagine "being down" b/c the phone is charging. Only thing is I just found the usb c slot will not send audio signal to my Moondrop Quarks DSP. I'll probably use a tablet with...
  3. phoenixdogfan

    What IEMs do you own?

    Sennheiser IE 800's, Moondrop Quarks DSP, and (on order) Truthear Crinacle Zero's. Think I will stop there. The more I reflect on it, the more convinced that $50 is the most anyone should need to pay to get state of the art IEM sound: They're minimum phase, the housing can be 3d printed from...
  4. phoenixdogfan

    Audioengine N22 Amplifier Review

    This is what happens when a designer decides to "voice" an amplifier in his garage late at night after a few beers.
  5. phoenixdogfan

    The Death of Windows 10

    I've already moved on. Two of my PC's have Windows 11, and two of my laptops have Windows 10 and are used only in certain limited circumstances. I'll just dispose of them sometime in a few years. Not learning Linux, though. I just refuse to learn another operating system. I'm tired of...
  6. phoenixdogfan

    Coming soon: MiniDSP Flex with HDMI input

    With eARC the tv will pass through the audio. Connect your Roku, NVidia Shield, ATV, Firestick et al to the TV, then connect the eARC port on the TV to the miniDSP. TV becomes the switcher. BTW, HDMI is limited to 8 channels in LPCM, but can pass as many bitstream channels as your ATMOS...
  7. phoenixdogfan

    Coming soon: MiniDSP Flex with HDMI input

    That's exactly the correct use case. The TV does the decoding/switching and passes LPCM via eARC to the miniDSP. If it's under $800, it a great fit for a whole lot of people. Needs to offer TRS balanced outs, and DLBC, however.
  8. phoenixdogfan

    Coming soon: MiniDSP Flex with HDMI input

    Looks good. Unfortunately does not appear to support DLBC.
  9. phoenixdogfan

    Absolutely Preposterous Denafrips DAC Reviews

    Problem is, there are people who want to believe in this shite. They want to live in a world where magical thinking prevails. They absolutely want to live in what Carl Sagan called "the demon haunted world." So they hate people like Amir who demystify the entire process. These self-styled...
  10. phoenixdogfan

    Speed Reading DAC Audio Measurements

    In economics we call that a proxy--a measure which while not completely conclusive is nonetheless highly likely to yield a correct assessment of the overall state of the system.
  11. phoenixdogfan

    Do network streamers need to be expensive?

    I have a regular original Chromecast, a Chromecast audio, and my NVidia shield has a built in Chromecast. Plus I have a Mele Quieter 3 which I control with a remote Logitech keyboard. I can't even conceive why I would ever need to buy another streamer, let alone pay thousands of dollars for...
  12. phoenixdogfan

    Less time on ASR for the foreseeable future

    Family comes first. Hope everything resolves well with your dad. Look forward to your contributions when you once again have some free time. Enjoy your time with your parents. Best wishes.
  13. phoenixdogfan

    Hagerman Bugle3 Phono Stage Review

    Saw the picture of the top of this thing, and thought I needed to adjust my glaucoma meds.
  14. phoenixdogfan

    B&O Beolab 20 Speaker Review

    Have to wonder if the Beolab 90 is really the edge of the art design it's been reputed to be, given the disappointing measured performance of this speaker which costs a paltry $15k/pr.
  15. phoenixdogfan

    Kef LS50 OG for 475€ - a steal or still overpriced?

    Great price. Especially if you're doing a home theater and need surrounds or overheads or even a center you can turn on its side without screwing up its polar response.
  16. phoenixdogfan

    Examples of good usability in hi-fi equipment

    I personally go the other way when I define "usability" of a component. I want Bauhaus simplicity and elegance. For me the fewer knobs and controls the better. That's why I love my Octo Research Dac 8 Pro which does so much while requiring so few controls to accomplish it.
  17. phoenixdogfan

    Who would you consider to be an Ethical Manufacturer in the Audio Business?

    I can't speak to what it's like to work for any of these companies, or their environmental footprint but I can talk about my experience with them. SVS Benchmark Purifi Aerial Acoustics VPI McIntosh Sennheiser I would like to include Kef because I think their speakers represent tremendous value...
  18. phoenixdogfan

    DIY Purifi Amp builds

    There is a YouTube video on how to build out the NC400 amps from kits: It's a very straightforward project. Best of luck.
  19. phoenixdogfan

    Fan-less silent PC

    Don't see how the Scarlett or the TT will add to the processing overhead of the PC. CPU utilization varies, it's complicated b/c processes happen automatically in the background. Machine does not crap out on me if I keep its rendering at 23.96 fps which is the Native processing rate for...
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