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  1. Vict0r

    M-Audio BX3 Monitor Review

    I always wondered how these would measure. They've been around for quite a while and consumer reviews always seemed rather positive. Never heard them, though. I guess you get what you paid for. $90 for a pair is suspiciously cheap. :D
  2. Vict0r

    Headphone Amp Only Suggestions (dongle/portable)

    I used to have a Sony X1060 back in the day, and the regional volume limiter could be bypassed by setting the region to Japan and flashing the appropriate firmware, if I remember correctly. It was many years ago. :) Maybe something like that is possible on your model as well? I use a Hiby FC3...
  3. Vict0r

    Lyngdorf Cue-100 - Passive speaker with Purifi drivers

    Hahaha, so true. Genelec; ending marriages since 1978.
  4. Vict0r

    Lyngdorf Cue-100 - Passive speaker with Purifi drivers

    ...'till Genelecs-in-the-livingroom do us part.
  5. Vict0r

    Lyngdorf Cue-100 - Passive speaker with Purifi drivers

    The custom wooden stands are very tasteful. That's a spicy price to pay to keep the wives happy, though.
  6. Vict0r

    EverSolo Z8 DAC & Amp Review

    Would be cool to have a theme editor for the display, or the ability to upload community created visualizers. And I mean actual visualizers, purely there for show and fancy pants lights on your desk. :D Also, if they could integrate with Aida64, that would be even cooler. You could use the...
  7. Vict0r

    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    If I go all the way to the checkout, the price stays the same for the pair. Also, people have bought them during FNAC's previous sales and reported they did indeed receive two speakers.
  8. Vict0r

    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    KEF LS50 (a pair, black) for €475 seems like a pretty good deal. Found it over at FNAC. Shipping is €17 outside of France/Belgium. Could pair it with this €76 AIYIMA A07 over at Amazon DE.
  9. Vict0r

    Suggestions for a newbie budget Desktop setup

    I would NEVER buy a "better" DAC than the Realtek 12xx series chip that's in your motherboard for a $30 Superlux headphone. It wouldn't make sense, economically. Also, those 12xx series integrations are often pretty decent, so I'm sure any improvement on your Superlux would be marginal at best...
  10. Vict0r

    7hz Salnotes Zero - the "other" Zero

    I hear a lot of good things about these. I'm sure they're a killer value. Things mostly are when Crin is involved under a $100. I'm still sticking with my Moondrop Aria's, though. They're good enough. :)
  11. Vict0r

    TAD Evolution 2 Speaker Review

    Thanks! I was focusing too much on the lower frequencies.
  12. Vict0r

    TAD Evolution 2 Speaker Review

    Ah, you're right. I've compared them again now and see what you mean.
  13. Vict0r

    TAD Evolution 2 Speaker Review

    "Ultimate" award, "Competion Killer" and wholly different measurements over at AlphaAudio. Strange. These look like a pair of Jamo's to me. For $20K (€14K for the pair overhere, btw) I need...
  14. Vict0r

    Knives. Knifethread.

    I only strop them! Obviously I'm not a "hard" user. The worst they see is a stubborn apple, zip tie or parcel. :p If I need to really cut up something more drastic, I use the Leatherman. That blade's edge looks anything but nice and defined. Also, the Vosteed is brand new. I just received it so...
  15. Vict0r

    Knives. Knifethread.

    Current favorite is the Vosteed Nightshade Lt. Impeccable action and ergonomics, drop shut action, cuts like a laser beam.
  16. Vict0r

    Topping SR2 Aluminum Rack

    hahaha not my pic! Found it on Google Images. Was trying to show off the awesome Ikea builds I saw floating around. Then again, I'm sure that's what they all say when someone catches their magic treble crystals.
  17. Vict0r

    Topping SR2 Aluminum Rack

    Build your own using cheap bamboo food prep planks from Ikea. :)
  18. Vict0r

    Pro Musician needs new speakers for home studio

    Would the landlord object to easily removeable, non-permanent acoustic panels? You don't even have to drill holes in the wall. Just put em on risers/stands at around ear level. DIY acoustics panels using Rockwool (or similar material. I use Akotherm, which is polyesterwool) are cheap and easy to...
  19. Vict0r

    I need a straight answer on Bluetooth sound quality

    Hahaha sorry, English isn't my first language. Thanks.
  20. Vict0r

    Limited Room Size Acoustic problems and potential solutions/compromises

    Just mount a pair of white Genelecs to the wall. These look hardly intrusive. Have the cake and eat it.
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