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    Would you buy this amp? (NAD 916 with visible oxidation)

    Oh no, run a mile, if that's not borked already its sat in the seat waiting its turn.
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    Listening Tests - Benchmark DAC3 versus Topping D90LE

    Rich, props for putting yourself to the test and posting the results. It's not an easy thing to do, I did it years ago, with the results being that I don't have magic ears either, boo.....
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    Experiencing a power cycle audible pop sound on Genelec speakers

    It's the same on some laptops, it's the usb 5v being modulated by other usb activity.
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    Analysis of Paper on Measurements of RCA Cables by Kunchur (Video)

    To be fair to Newton, if he'd just identified gravity, science back then wasn't exactly cutting edge...
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    Denon DL103 modification craze. Snake oil?

    I've heard a hi-grade Zu model vs the S and the R versions and separately one with a Ruby canti and Ogura fine line. They all sound more or less like a 103, bit toppy with a tendency to sibilance.
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    case for dxd files

    Is it a dxd file, pcm audio? Or a dsd version of a 24/352 in a dop wrapper.
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    Your Desktop Audio Setup?

    Fiio m15 and a pair of fiio fh9
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    "RED Is destroying the camera industry"

    It's a bullshit patent, and entirely obvious, especially as compression was already used in 1080p cameras beforehand. I can't believe it got granted.
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    DSD, I2S and the pin 15 dilemma

    It's more of a tradition for users to make posts asking for help and then ignoring the logical, practical answers because they are mentally invested in some nonsense concept.
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    What cables do you use in your systems?

    I use all of the above. Interconnects are belden starquad. Speaker cable is linn lk400. Coaxbis whatever came in box with kodak pcd850 Usb is 5m long genuine certified usb cable, some German budget brand. Power cables, whatever iec cables I had lying round. Total cost about £100 to wire up...
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    Benchmark AHB2 SVS Purifi amplifier?

    Because class d measures poorly without a class d AES filter....
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    Cable management (NOT a "which fancy cable" thread)

    All my cables are just thrown behind the long rack, phonostage crossses power, crosses usb, crosses network. System is utterly silent.
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    Talk me out the Sony MDR-Z1R's

    A fatally flawed headphone. Ignore them if you prefer neutral, much better exists elsewhere
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    Select Your Favorite Server

    It's obviously number 1 as she's the only none capable of holding two pints
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    Aluminum cone/bullet shaped thing placed on top of speaker

    Probably Totem Beaks, they were in vogue decades ago. Acoustically they do nothing, psychologically they can do all sorts of things. Like most tweaks.
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    Media player for Mac

    Try Audivarnia, decent interface, easy to setup,
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    You're trading your kids for cables, you're a seriously committed listener...
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    New Audiophiler who purchased Abyss/XIAudio stack looking for opinions

    The Topping set up is measurably superior in every way.
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    Best CD Player To Use As Transport?

    Audiolab cdm transport user, original version with cdm pro 9 swing arm mech in it. I have two, and a spare NOS 9 pro mech/ laser, just in case.
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