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    Fiio K5 Pro or Drop O2 + SDAC

    So should I just stick with my choice of the O2 SDAC then? It will probably arrive after September and the Fiio could be quite a bit faster to get.
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    Fiio K5 Pro or Drop O2 + SDAC

    I live in the EU and ordered the O2 + SDAC but now see that it only has a US plug and the EU plug will either be $16+$26 shipping, or $23 in an EU store. For this price it will be around the same as the Fiio K5 Pro. I see that the Fiio has a stronger Amp but want to know if the Amp is better...
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    Measurement and Review of FX-Audio DAC-X6 DAC (compared to Topping D30 and Fiio E10K)

    Hi, im thinking of picking this dac amp up and a pair of dt990's at 600 ohm but am scared that this amp will not be powerful enough. Am I better off using the onboard dac and getting something like a schiit magni 3 for €100 more or will this amp be able to power it with the jumper mod? Would it...
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