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    Topping E50+L50 - balanced out with single ended in for best SNR/crosstalk?

    Fairly new to the forum, but I think I can help in advising against it. I use my Topping E50 as a USB-only PCM DAC in a hifi setup. I use the balanced out to an unbalanced in on a second amplifier. I do this with homemade TRS to RCA cables, where I leave the R on the jack open, not connected to...
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    Topping D10s or Topping E30

    The e10 uss an ESS converter chip, vs AKM in the E30. Many reviewers will attribute all sorts of sonical differences to this, and although it is possible to hear a difference with instantenous A/B switching between the two, very few if any people will be able to tell the two apart when tested...
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    power for Topping D50s: ifi iPower X or Topping P50?

    There is audible noise in my speakers trough my DAC with every power source except a powerbank and the ifi iPower. That tells me it works; more than any measurement...
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